Monday, April 26, 2010

about my kids

Somebody thought water colors were face paints.

That same somebody doesn't mind paper "monies" as long as he can put it in a piggy bank.

The other little somebody is pulling himself to standing (and has cruised a few times toward his brother and/or his toys).

The same somebody also likes spaghetti baby food (and any scrap of paper he deems eatable on the floor). So far today, I've taken a small portion of foil, a small stamp for a Magna-Doodle, numerous bits of paper, and a crayon out of his mouth.

I just realized I haven't shared pictures of the boys lately. Don't worry, they are as cute as ever!


Anonymous said...

lol. your kids are too funny.

<3 you!

Dee said...

Too funny! They're adorable!

Gledwood said...


happy followers