Friday, April 23, 2010

1 or 2

I'm debating on whether or not to keep up my running blog. Although it's nice to have a blog for a specific purpose, I feel like I'm leaving that part of my life out of the rest of my life/blog here. Running is a part of me (or I want it to become a part of me) just like my family and life.

Plus, I have the Daily Mile widget that I could add on here to keep track of runs and workouts. I wish I would have found that before I started that other blog. I don't know.

Do you have more than one blog? Why?


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I do, but I have yet to post on the other one. I think it is easier just keeping one with everything.

How are you doing? I am finally finding a minute to stop by some of my favorite people's blogs!

Laura said...

I had 2 for a while, one was super anonymous and top-secret-ish, but after a while, I just quit it. I do have my "undelivered letters" blog on blogger that i still use once in a while when i need to let some things out, but don't want to destroy everybody's wonderful opinion of me!! (lol big LOL)

how ya doing!?

Read my blog and tell me what you think...i still don't know what to think! I can give you more details on it if you want later.

love you!

Orange Juice said...

I say add it girly! Keep it as one. I have more than one right now because of the fitness challenge but really when it's over I plan to consolidate. Like you said it's part of your life!

angie said...

I officially have three blogs. A cooking blog, which hasn't been updated in over a year, my main blog, and a monoamniotic blog, which thankfully, is static. I think it's really difficult to handle more than one blog!

EmmaP said...

officially, I have 7 blogs.
1 - is a private journal. There are no "invited readers". But I have it, so that if I want to access it online from anywhere I can. It is about my divorce.

2 - is my main blog. I blog often.

3 - my recipe blog. sometimes I blog weekly, sometimes monthly. But I do not feel pressure to keep it up. Just when I do a new recipe and it is one that we like.

4 - my "literary" blog. I like to write fictional pieces and poetry. So, i mainly use this when the moment strikes. mostly, for me. I don't really care if I have followers. and again, there is no pressure to keep this up.

5 - my "amish" blog. This is a fictional blog that I started as sort of a caviat for my father, who was raised Amish.

6 - a "wish-list" blog I started for the holidays, so the cousins and grandkids can post their lists to Santa all in one place each year. It makes it easy for my mom to pull her holiday shopping list from, since we live all over the place.

7 - and finally I am the activity chairperson for our church activities. So I post the activities we have done in order to "share" ideas with others.

I actually never realized how many blogs I have until you brought it up. It seems like I only have "one or two" because I mostly just blog on the one. anyway... sorry... i didn't mean to ramble on like that. good luck in your decision.

happy followers