Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wisdom from the S Club

Believe it or not, I do not always need advice (or at least I don't always ask for it); sometimes we do things by trial. I wanted to share a few tips that we've learned with you so you can not ask for advice but still gain from our wisdom.

1. If you buy bulk vegetables (corn and green beans, to be precise), do NOT store them in the refrigerator in large containers for a few weeks. They may not mold, but oh wow, they will taste BITTER! It's not pleasant. Please don't try this one.

2. Here's a tip you can cash in! Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat carrots (and possibly other veggies but this is what we used tonight)? Does that kid like Sesame Street (specifically Count von Count)? Well, then listen up (or read on): ask them how many carrots they can eat. After each one, say that number and laugh like the count (i.e. "one, one carrot. ah ah ah...two, two carrots ah ah ah, etc"). It worked like a charm with Moose tonight. I hope it works for you, too.

Those are my pieces of wisdom for you tonight. See you tomorrow!


EmmaP said...

that is soooo funny. i used to do the exact same thing with the count and the veggies. Also, I used to say, "can you eat a carrot for grandma?" (he'd nod and eat one) Then I'd go down the list, and he'd eat one for so-and-so. Then I'd ask, "who else do you want to eat a carrot for?" And then he'd be excited to "pick" someone to eat an honorable carrot for! funny what kids will do! hee hee.

Good tips! so - do you blanch your veggies and then freeze them? or just buy them in smaller qualities? or just bag them up in smaller portions?

Alicia said...

lol, i totally pictured you laughing while they ate!! and i have a confession...my kids have NEVER watched sesame street!! i'm horrible!

Helene said...

I sooooo love the tip about eating carrots! I'm gonna use that!!!

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