Sunday, March 7, 2010

when will it end??

** Warning: Talking about Moose being sick. Just so you're forewarned, I'm not talking about a simple cough. **

It seems like this winter has just plagued us with colds and an ear infection. Even Big A got sick earlier this winter (and he only gets sick about once every 2 years). I'm hoping with spring, the end is in sight...but it's not yet.

Poor Moose has been sick since Wednesday. He threw up while I was at aerobics. Friday and Saturday he had nasty diarrhea (I was the lucky pup who got to clean up those messes). I'm thankful we were home Friday because it was all up his back and the worst thing I've ever cleaned up (including right after we moved back from Virginia that whole puke mess). Saturday we were at Pizza Hut and he wasn't eating much. But I just figured he was distracted like he gets in new places at times. He also threw up the very littlest bit there. Thankfully the diarrhea wasn't as big of a mess, just smelled. Today at lunch he threw up - a LOT.

The weirdest part is is that he acts just fine. He has just as much energy. Talks just as much. Eats just as much (we've been feeding him toast & crackers off and on...but I think that's his meals until we get this figured out). He's not more cuddly, whiny, nothing. He cries out a little when he throws up, but when he had the huge blow out, he didn't even tell me. I only knew because I smelled him, then saw the huge wet stain on his shirt.

I'm calling the doctor tomorrow to take him in. That's long enough for me without doing anything about it. I hope it's just a bug...but I'm a worrier by nature, and so all sorts of illnesses are running through my head. Be praying for him.


Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Make sure you're keeping him hydrated...good luck!

Dee said...

Poor Little guy-what did the doc say? Evan always acts fine when he's sick too!

Helene said...

I hope he'll be okay and that it's nothing serious. My little ones are the same way when they're sick...they still run around with tons of energy, puke in the corner somewhere and then go back to playing. Go figure.

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