Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study
Does reading the Chronicles of Narnia with my kids count if we're using a biblical guide to them alongside? Because that's what we're doing here.

Memory Verse

Husband Encouragement
cooking dinner every night
not throwing the kids at him as soon as he walks in the door
writing him at least one little love note to stick in his pocket so he finds it at work

Train Them Up
the Chronicles of Narnia readings with them
trying to keep my patience with them when they are crying for no reason (Squirt) and when I can't understand the words coming out of their mouths (Moose)
not yelling at them (in my effort to keep it real here on the blog, I admit I do this. I always feel remorse and guilty but I know I'm not the only one & I am desperately trying)
be consistent with time-outs and discipline

Personal Goals
Enjoy this nice weather I hear we're supposed to be having
Running outside at least once this week to enjoy said weather

Post office to pick up packages
7-8 hours of exercise

Zone - Closet - really I just need to hang our coats up and put shoes away

Menu -I really have no idea the top of my head

Monday - burgers & baked potatoes & broccoli (or whatever veggie I pull out)
Tuesday - chicken quesadillas & salsa
Wednesday - lasagna (carrot puree inside)
Thursday - chicken & rice (green beans)
Friday - homemade pizza
Saturday - soup & grilled cheese
Sunday - something in a crock pot

Staying home and hopefully not visiting the doctor this week

3 Things I'm thankful for today:
1. The weather that I hear is to be nice (50 degrees)
2. Friends who randomly email or call
3. Older brothers who never leave socks on baby brothers and who have chats in the bathtub together.

Link up here at In Light of the Truth (and stick around bc Sarah really has a gentle soul and it shos on her blog)


Shannon said...

really liked this post!

hey, what yoga video do you have? i did the yoga meltdown this morning with jillian and it was hard core. i only made it halfway through, but that's because i have to go to my grandma's to do laundry.

Me said...

"not yelling at them (in my effort to keep it real here on the blog, I admit I do this. I always feel remorse and guilty but I know I'm not the only one & I am desperately trying)
be consistent with time-outs and discipline"

Yeah. Me too.

Gledwood said...

I had a Christian upbringing... I read some of the Narnia books off my own back, ie without any parental supervision, when I was about 8-12 years old and noticed the distinct parallel myself.

Having said that, it does seem a bit disappointing the way I heard some Churches in America jumped all over the film, offering free showings to pack unbelievers into their churches...

Having said that I'm not sure all children would pick up the Christian message in those books, especially young children...

... o what am I saying? It's your call. I hope you had fun with the stories!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Okay, did you really just rattle off that menu just like that?? Because that's pretty awesome! I spend WAY. TOO. LONG. thinking up a menu for the week. I really need to come up with a rotational system of sorts that works for ME but I like too many great foods and so much depends on schedule and what you've been getting a hankerin' for. *sigh* Anyway, I see great talent in your menu department. =D

And oh my goodness, I yell WAAAY too often! Really. I never used to be even remotely an angry person at all, and I'm still not, except when it comes to my own kids, and holy cow. I get ugly. Especially when we're leaving the house, because I'm a schedule person and can't stand being late. Well, there's a lot of things I can't stand when it comes to my kids and their fighting and crying and ridiculous demands. BUT this week I'm going to try to keep perspective (really asking myself "was that a sin?" was them throwing all the books on the floor of the van a sin? no, just childish. how 'bout when they dump out ALLLL the puzzles at once? No. so I needn't get so upset the way I do. Seriously. Gentle spirit. Working on it.

By the way, your memory verse is one of my very favorites!! Except I prefer the ESV which reads "Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days." So beautiful!

Thanks for joining me this week, and thank you, dear friend, for your sweet compliment there at the end! =) Hope you have an awesome week!

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