Tuesday, March 9, 2010

left field

Have you ever had one of those moments that just hits you like a ton of bricks tossed at you from left field? Yesterday was one of those days...

I made a doctor's appointment for Moose just so we could be sure he wasn't dehydrated. Our doctor confirmed that it's probably (is that a confirmation?) a stomach bug that's been going around. Apparently it lasts about 4 days (or 6 days if your name is Moose). She was watching him play...

...and here comes that ton of bricks...

...(forgive me because I can't recall her exact words) basically she told me that he's not speaking as clearly/well as she'd like for him to be.

um...ok...we came in to diagnose a stomach bug. What?

Moose does not speak like you or me. He does not speak in full, complete sentences (usually). He can say phrases: "daddy at work" "mama always comes back" "we're watching wii (or cars or whatever)" "mama milk please"
For the most part, he just tells me what he wants (or screams it as is his norm): "night-night" "bath" "book" "hungry" "eat" "milk" "wii" "football" "puppies (101 Dalmations)" "Cars (either the movie or the toys)" "baby"
He jabbers to himself or others. He uses the same words for things, even if it's not the "correct" term (he apparently calls our window shade for the car "one" as I found out after many trial and errors and attempts). He hears fine (I was flipping through the radio stations yesterday and happened upon a sermon of some sort. They said something about Jesus and Moose repeats "Jesus"). He repeats a lot of what he's asked or told: "can you hear me?" "hea you." He doesn't answer many questions with "yes" or "no": "are you hungry?" "hunwy." He can answer "is the baby awake or asleep?" with "awake" or "asleep" (usually he's right on, too). He doesn't know the difference between "wet" and "poop" (he calls them both "poopie" - when he notices at all).

I'm not sure how 2 1/2 year olds are supposed to sound. I know some girls his age (I don't really know any boys his age) pronounce better and speak more fluently. I attribute this partially to their gender. Women, as a whole, speak better than men (speak more than men, too - obviously a generalization as there are exceptions). When there's a change in dialect or an influx in a word, women pick it up 10-20 years before men (thank you History the English Language). My cousin's son is a month older and doesn't say a word.

I know our doctor loves us and loves Moose and wants what's best for him. She suggested a speech evaluation (although she says she's not REALLY worried). My heart kind of broke, I'll be honest. I feel like it's my fault he doesn't speak better: not enough books, too much tv, maybe I talk for him too much (which I try not to do or at least have him repeat what to say). I know it's not a jab at my parenting because some things are out of our control as moms and dads...but still...I cried (not in the office, although I wanted to).

So now I wait for someone to call me to set up an appointment. Yee-haw...:(


Rion said...

Anthony and I were in speech class together. ^_^ I wouldnt get that worried.. I worked at the Blessings from Above daycare in Tecumseh and to me it seemed most kids Moose's age were talking like you say.. some were better, some were hardly talking at all.. Speech class tho isnt a bad thing! Mrs Amos gave us treats and stickers and all that good stuff! :D They make it fun, especially I bet for the little little ones.... we were in 4th grade or so.

Life with Kaishon said...

Are you serious! Don't worry AT ALL! My nephew Levi is going to be 3 soon and he says like 10 words total! : ) Everyone learns at their own pace.

I love your blog header. It is SO pretty : )

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Oh please do not worry!!! He is fine and OH so young still.

My oldest was like that and then all of a sudden she exploded in her language!

I would have to say NO to the speech person (because I am cynical this way) I am sure it will be a lot of money good for them, not good for you.

Our doc told me this and I will always remember it "Have you ever met a 4 year old who doesn't talk non-stop?"

It put things into perspective.

My daughter was 2 and I was worried. Don't worry. He will do great and I am CERTAIN it isn't that you don't "do" something. It just is the way it is.

EllyBean said...

You shouldn't worry about it. I have a friend whoms daughter is the same age as mine (almost 2) and she doesn't even say any sentences yet. She's also just very quiet. My daughter on the other hand never shuts up. lol

Doctors most certainly know how to get on your nerves. Trust me, I always hate taking my daughter to get seen because I'm always fearing they are going to question her behavior and my parenting.

People tell me boys usually don't talk as much as girl either. I wouldnt' sweat it and from one mom to another, I'm sending a hug your way.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

We went through the same thing with Aiyana, who now at 3 and a half talks in complete sentences and sometimes blows us away because she sounds like a little adult.

I would not worry, but do go forth with the testing to be on the safe side.

We had Aiyana tested and she scored off the charts with her IQ test and the preliminary testings. The speech pathologist said that her mouth is preventing her from pronouncing certain sounds and that with practice, she will be fine. Unfortunately, our insurance would not cover it and neither would the county. We almost paid for the sessions ourselves, but the pathologist printed out a lot of info and exercises to do on our own. I worked with her each day, making everything into fun games and she is doing fantastic.

Erin said...

Aww don't worry about it! He speaks FINE!!! Thomas is just shy of 3 and he speaks about the same way! Hey at least he is speaking!!

Erica | Uprinting said...

Maybe kids also learn in their own pace, but I think following the doctors order would be good too. Prevention is always the best medicine, I wish you and your family the best. Hope things will turn out okay anytime soon. God Bless!

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry you got blindsided with that!

I'm deaf (and totally understand the whole speech evaluation thing), and I chose to teach our little guy sign language as well as speaking.

WOW - I never anticipated the sheer number of people who claimed I'd be stunting his speech development. (Funny because he's scored really well on any tests - PLUS can sign with his momma!)

(We have a Tristan too - hopping over from your comment on Muthering Heights! :)

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