Tuesday, March 2, 2010

heat wave

phew! It's about 38 degrees here today. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we in Nebraska call a HEAT WAVE! Oh yeah!

FINALLY took the boys on a walk!! I have been waiting since fall to do this. We went to the library where Squirt fell asleep in the stroller (sitting straight up -weirdo). Then we trekked to the post office where I spent at least 5 minutes (and it felt like 10) embarrassing myself trying to open the stupid thing (it's one of those combination locks - yeah, we kick it old school here) before I asked the post master for help. Then Moose had a little meltdown in the library which added to my frustration. I was so mad at him. Ugh.

But now everyone is down for a nap (well, except me of course). I haven't been able to nap here well. Part of it is because our room is too bright and we have yet to put up curtains. We have curtains but no rods - and I hate HATE our curtains. They don't fit and are cheap. They are up in the boys' rooms but only so they will sleep better/longer. Some day I'll have nice curtains and they'll fit the windows and decor (of which we have none here either). *sigh*

Anyway, I'm reading "The Blind Side" which is just as good as the movie but sort of heavy on the football details. I have had to ask Big A about certain things because I'm clueless about football except: offense scores, defense tries to keep offense from scoring, and the big "roles" on the field (quarterback, center, linemen).

Scratch that nap part. The baby's awake.

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