Thursday, March 11, 2010

full morning!

I love when we're busy. Not all the time, but some of the time. It sure beats hanging around the house reading or playing Wii all day (although those aren't bad uses of time either haha).

This morning looked to be fairly quiet with the lady from the local ESU (the speech lady) coming this afternoon. With Squirt just moving around and Moose bugging me to play the Wii, it was pretty typical around the S Clubhouse. Big A called and asked if we wanted to come see some chicks.

His boss has baby chicks (baby chickens?) in the store for sale (like Orschelin's Chick Days). I love baby animals, especially chicks. And these were way cuter than the ones at Orschelin's - they were all fluffy and yellow and beautiful. Moose raced between them and the sunflower seeds (for birds) sitting out. He likes to just pick them up and put 'em down (the seeds, not the animals). He even held a bird - so cute. I showed him the wings, so he kept saying "they have wings!" He tried getting in the tub with them, too. Squirt wanted to eat them, but I did get him to "pet" one. I held them, too. At one point they were sleeping and I told Moose that; then he goes "wake up chickens!" What a ham.

After we left there, we stopped by the post office to get our mail. We didn't get any, which prompted a tantrum from Moose. I don't know exactly what he expects at the post office - to get or send mail. He just kept screaming "mail" at me. Luckily, the old people coming in and out just chuckled.

We stopped by a temporary shop set up by some local Amish. There was a young boy there selling pies, breads, rolls, jellies, and cookies. Moose HAD to have cookies and I got myself some pumpkin bread. Can't wait to try it out after supper tonight.

While at the feed store with my hubby, the speech lady called to see if I'd gotten her message earlier today (I hadn't). She wondered if we could move our meeting up to noon. That was fine so I took Moose home and fed him. I literally laid the baby in his crib so I could use the restroom; when I got back, he was asleep (score!). So we ate and read some of the "Chronicles of Narnia" while we waited (I've been reading a chapter out of "The Magician's Nephew" then reading it's corresponding chapter in "A Family Guide to Narnia" and the corresponding Bible verses for a few days. I really like it although I know my boys are too little to understand.).

The lady, Laurie, was really nice. Moose was shy at first and as it went on (about an hour long), he was his hammy little self. She basically asked me developmental questions about him (when he looks in a mirror does he say "Moose" or "me" and can he use safety scissors - heck no I haven't given the kid scissors!) like you get asked at the doctor's office. Some of the stuff I'd never tried with him (having him lace a string through a bead or seeing what he'd say if I said "four eight" - he said "four eight"). Some of the things that I hadn't tried we could try right there; others she just noted I hadn't tried. She went through communication, phyiscal, and social development. She said he scored slightly low on the communication part but fairly high on the other parts.

I figured those would be the results. I don't find him lacking physically or socially for his age. I also don't find him very lacking in communication. It's just some things I haven't thought to do or he just hasn't picked up on. I'm still not concerned. She said our next step is to have an early education teacher and speech pathologist call to set up meetings, and we're going to have an audiologist stop by too. I don't think his hearing is bad but he's never had it checked either, so that will be nice. And then we'll have a big meeting (and this is all done at our house around our schedule and his nap schedule) to look at the results and see where to go from here. I think a preschool teacher is going to be in on the big meeting, which I told Laurie that I wasn't interested in sending my three-year-old to school yet. I also told her that I'm interested in homeschooling, but that I was willing to sit down and talk with the teacher.

Anyway so it's been a big morning. And then I ran for 30 minutes and here we are. I just wanted to update you with all of that. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and comments; they mean so much to me. I'll keep you informed but I should go pick up Squirt - he's mad. :D


Dee said...

AND you ran for 30 min? You rock! I want pumpkin bread!

JennyMac said...

Sending positive thoughts to you! You have a lot on your plate. :)

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