Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enell Sports Bra Review

Enell apparel use the science of superior support and comfort to give well-endowed women a great sports bra. They have two different kinds of sports bras: high-impact and low-to-medium impact (Lite).

The Enell Sports Bra (high-impact) is for activities such as: skiing, soccer, softball, running, aerobics, volleyball, basketball, stair climbing, mounting biking, horseback riding, and tennis or racquetball. The Lite Bra is for activities such as: golf, yoga, hiking, pilates, cycling, walking, inline skating, weight training, cross-country skiing, and the active casual lifestyle.

Enell sent me a Sports Bra in pink (hope). For every pink (hope) bra purchased, Enell contributes 10% to FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) to help improve the lives of individuals and families effected by the risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

When I opened my Enell sports bra, I was surprised at how large it is. The pamphlet sent with the bra says that "wide shoulder straps and high neckline stabilize and distribute weight of breasts." The sports bras also use NATUREXX, which "transfers moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable during the most intense workouts."

My thoughts:
When I first put on the sports bra, I thought maybe they had sent the wrong size - it was very snug. But in the pamphlet sent with it says that "it may seem too small at first, but a snug fit means superior support and comfort." They're right. I wore the bra to run for 30 minutes and then for an hour of aerobics. The Enell sports bra was great - it wasn't soaked after running so I felt like I could wear it to aerobics where usually I have to put a new sports bra on between activities. Even after I was finished with aerobics, the front clasps made it much easier to take off than a normal sweaty bra (who hasn't got caught up in a sweaty sports bra after working out? I remember having to have my mom help me when I first started wearing sports bras - embarrassing).
I really like my Enell bra. I will use it when I'm running (now that my aerobics class is over). I probably won't use it for doing yoga, just because it is a really tight fit and I don't need that tight of fit for yoga (of course, even Enell says that their Lite Sports Bra is better suited to yoga). This bra kept things where they were supposed to be instead of hopping around uncomfortably. If you are a well-endowed active woman, I would definitely consider this sports bra.

You can purchase an Enell bra for $64-$66 (depending on the size). Right now, they also have a special offer for anyone wanting a size 00 beige sports bra - only $50. The Lite sports bras range from $77-$79. Enell also has t-shirts which are $36. You can also browse for a store near you.

Before ordering, be sure to measure yourself properly and carefully to be sure you get the correct size. Enell offers a sizing chart and instructional video to ensure proper fit.

Thank you Enell for allowing me to review your sports bras!

No monetary payments were made for this post. I received the Enell sports bra to facilitate this review. All opinions/experiences are my own and not everyone may have the same opinion or experiences with this company or product.


Muthering Heights said...

That sounds like a great bra....I can never find one that offers good enough support!

Gianna Blake said...

So pleased to have Enell Sports Bra Review here. It is very comfortable. I also had tried it but I didn’t like the design of it at all so recently ordered two pairs of the Carbon38 sports bras. Both have elegant colors and have designer elements which are perfect. Moreover the price is also not high.

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