Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I hate the dentist. I have poor teeth and they insist on telling me why every time (like I don't know that my parents have bad teeth, my grandparents all have fake teeth, my parents never pushed us to brush and yet fed us pop and sugary crap, and I didn't take care of them until maybe 6 years ago). I've had some really mean dentists and some really nice ones throughout the years - but they both makes me nervous. I usually cry at the office (and when I think about going to the office).

Yesterday I was doing ok. They were just doing x-rays and a consult. I did cry twice...but not overly so. The hygenist/nurse, Katie, was SO nice. We talked about our kids and why grandparents have to give said kids ice cream/pop/sugary crap. She made me feel at ease. I told her when I was nervous (like when they put those poky stick things in your mouth to scrape at your teeth and gums). She was patient and just very kind.

Her husband was the dentist, Dr. G. kind of a dorky looking guy. Maybe that helped make this easier. I got nervous when he wanted to figure out which tooth was deadened because he didn't explain the procedure - but when I told him to explain it, he did.

Anyway, the good news is that it's not going to cost near as much as I thought it would (clsoer to $4000 than $10,000) and I don't have gum disease (that's good - I've never been checked for that before). They said it will take about 4 visits and then I'd have to see someone else to get a root canal done (on a tooth that's already had one done so I guess you have to see a specialist for that?). Now, these visits don't include crowns...but it's just that much closer to having nice(r) teeth.


Jen said...

Is anyone the fan of the dentist? I know that I am not.

Rion said...

I am totally scared to go to the dentist once I have insurance. I havent been to the dentist since before 1996 (or whenever Campbell Soup closed and dad lost his insurance) David went after several years recently and had six cavities, and he's been brought up well when it comes to brushing teeth.. I was brought up like you were.. I wasnt pressed to brush my teeth so really in High School I ran out the door 15 min after I woke, never brushing my teeth unless I decided too. I hope when I go, that I get good news (or the best news I can get) like you did! (No gum disease and minus that root canal of course, with the lack of insane costs!)

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

My dad's our dentist and I still hate going. I haven't been since I was pregnant with #2!

Happy said...

I have not been to the dentist in years. I am insurance-less at the moment, but I know once I go I need to have my teeth looked at also.

Good for you for facing your fears! You have a beautiful smile now and I can only imagine the confidence you will feel when you have the pearly whites you've always dreamed of!

And, boo to mean dentists!

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