Wednesday, February 10, 2010

who says I don't have a job?

It's very frustrating when people don't acknowledge being a SAHM as a job.

Both of my in-laws have made mention of me needing to get a job at one point or another.
Sometimes on forms you have to mark one of three boxes: full-time, part-time, don't work.
When introductions are made, there's always the "do you work?" line. And usually if you answer "yes, I stay home with my kids" you get weird looks.

There are various other areas where it's been made known that I don't have any income of my own or that I don't have an "outside" job.

Well, let me tell you something. My job is tough. Not every day or every moment, but many days and many moments.

Take today for example. It's going to be a 16 hour day when all is said and done. Then I will basically be on-call for the other 8 hours of the day. How many people can say that?

My boss likes to yell at me lately. The good thing about this job is that I can send him to time out (most people can definitely not say this about their boss). My assistant boss always yells at me...and sometimes growls (there's not much I can do about him right now; that's just how he is).

In my job, I wear many hats. Chef, errand girl, bus driver (or van driver), decorator, housekeeper, laundress, nanny, librarian, personal shopper, nurse, dietitian, personal trainer, professional entertainer, cheerleader, clown, director of chaos, music director, pit crew, stress reliever (sometimes inducer), tackling dummy, track star, philosopher, principal, dictator. Oh couldn't this list go on?

But for those who don't think my job is hard or worthwhile (I mean, there's always daycare...and I mean no offense to daycare providers or moms who really must work), please come try it. And to be effective, you'd probably have to do it for more than a day or two.

Sometimes it's boring. Sometimes it's a handful. Sometimes it's tiring. Sometimes it's energizing.


It's always worthwhile, what I do.

I raise my kids and keep my house.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a very important J-O-B!


Me said...

I want your job. I want your job and I want that to be all. I don't juggle very well (other job & home) and it's getting harder and harder for me to drag my sorry self to that other job.


ChickenLittle said...

I feel you and completely understand what you're saying. There are some days where I (and my kids) don't ever see my hardworking husband. And days like today (he leaves out the house at 530am and won't be getting home till sometime after 10pm) when I feel like a single parent. :(
Being a stay at home mom is hard at times, but I love it. I would do anything for my kids and my little family. As I know you would too Randi!
Keep up the good work! :)

Mayhem and Moxie said...

I am standing up and applauding you and this post right now. Every single word of it is the utter truth. There is no harder, and less recognized, job than being a stay-at-home mom.

Thank you for this. Truly inspiring.

Jen said...


Etzkorn Family said...

Amen to that!!! LOVE it!! It is the hardest yet rewarding job there is!! Nothing I would rather do. Sure I dont drive the nicest car or live in the nicest house, but it is what I choose and what I think is ultimately the best for my family!!

angie said...

So, so, so true. I had it EASY when I "worked". And to think I got paid for doing what is easier than this. :)

~Amanda~ said...

Yep...heard that one plenty of times. Still do....but people are more distracted by me going to school so I don't hear it quite as much.

Another one that bugs me is when I'm out somewhere without the kids, people will ask if Aaron is babysitting. Um no, they are his kids...ugh!

EmmaP said...

i had your "job"... once. and yes, i was spit upon. yes, i was pooped on. but yes... i loved it. I WISH i was able to stay at home. but I get $800 a month in child support for 3 kids. Last I checked $9,600 a year, just won't cut it! hahaha! Even though my kids are in school full time, I wish I was an "At home mom". i used to be "room mom" and "mother volunteer" and also was involved with a few charity organizations that took few hours a week. I could substitute teach when and if I wanted, and sometimes I would about 2 or 3 days a week, just to keep busy, and sometimes I'd go a whole month without. I loved it. I loved i a lot. I miss it. I'd give almost anything to do it again. I say "almost", because i am not about to run off and re-marry just so i can stay at home. hahaha!

You have the right attitude, and your "bosses" will see to it one day that you'll get promoted (i think it's called Grandchildren ;) ) at any rate, they will be thankful.

and yes... that list goes on and on and on... educator, clergy, consultant, accountant, relationship coach, therapist, project manager, dental assistant, seamstress, etc... I always put down that I was a "Volunteer Domestic Engineer"! lol!

Synergy Girl said...

SERIOUSLY!!! People can be rather...ignorant...UGH!! My mom sent me a story, and I posted will like it!!

Summer said...


Preach it sister!

Erin said...

Right on Mama! Well said, I am a full time mom amd full time work away from home mom and the hubs and I always say that we need naps when we are home on the weekends after playing with the boys all day, but during the week, it's almost a vacation!

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