Thursday, February 25, 2010

what's the right size?

When Moose was little, everyone thought he was too big. And he was big (still is). He's only dropped below 90% in height or weight - ever. He's usually off the charts for weight and about 95th for height. However, he was never one of those babies (as darn cute as they are) with rolls. He's always just been...stout, if you will. When you begin life at 9 1/2 pounds and your dad is 6'4" and about 220lbs, you're bound to be big. That's just the way it is.

Well, Squirt is his own person. He started off small for us but big for normal. 8lbs and 15 oz is not a "squirt." At our last well-baby check-up, he was in the 75% for height and 25% for weight. He does not like to drink from a bottle (which sucks because we don't breastfeed) as much as he likes to eat food. If you eat in front of him and don't give him anything (which I don't because I don't eat a lot of things he can eat yet), he gets mad. Most meal times, he eats 2 jars of #2 foods. Sometimes it's homemade, sometimes jar food. A lot of times, there's cereal mixed in with it (or applesauce to make the vegetables taste a little better). He doesn't like peas or green beans much. He loves fruit (as most babies do). But he eats - quite a bit for his age and size.

Apparently, I just can't get a "right" sized baby. Too many people made comments to me when Moose was little about not overfeeding. Now I have "concerned" people tell me how tiny he is. Mostly this is from family (on the in-law side). It really doesn't help that I have a niece and nephew who are two months younger than Squirt and are roly poly fat babies (and really, the comparisons can stop ANY DAY).

Can you guess which is my son?

My MIL says that Squirt needs "sausage arms." And now apparently when my grandmother-in-law visited my BIL & his family, she acted or sounded like she was worried about how small Squirt is.

HE'S FINE! He eats like a horse! I can't help his metabolism; he's super active (for a baby who can't crawl). The kid hardly ever is still. Even when he's getting ready to sleep, his arm just moves around like a dancer's and he kicks his little feet. I swear I feed him every day (or he wouldn't be as smiley as he is).

Maybe with my next kid, I'll get it "right." *rolling my eyes*


Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

That stinks. I wish my in laws would keep their stupid child-rearing opinions to themselves, too!

Emma said...

Ignore each and everyone of them!! Squirt is perfect! He is sooooo adorable!! I wish I could come & give him a big hug! :D

Me said...

I think he looks great! (On the left, right?) People don't need to give their opinion. Grrrr. He doesn't look like a toothpick with an orange on top, so I wouldn't worry at all.
People are weird. You know, the only bottle my 8mo old nephew will drink from is a little kid Nalgene bottle with the hard spout. Weird.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

The comparisons never stop. It is so funny that people believe they actually have to the right to comment on the size of you kids. Just ridiculous and we wonder why all of us are on this crazy mission to be the "right" size.

Alicia said...

he's FINE! tell them to relax! i know what you mean though. my hubs is 6 ft 3 and i'm 5 ft 2. mason is normal height but levi and presley have always been super tall! levi looks like he's almost 5 and he just turned 3! everyone tells me that mason needs to eat more, when he's the only 'normal' sized one!! lol....

EmmaP said...

OMGOSH! some people... ok. NONE of my kids had "sausage arms". And I actually had the opposite "issue". My "Biggest" baby was 6 lb 15 oz. That was my oldest. My 2nd baby was 5 lbs 8 oz and my daughter was 6 lbs 6 oz. Their entire lives they have been UNDER 10 percentile in weight, and between 10-40 percentile for height. And in fact my Smallest baby was my "over-eater". He still is. I really have to watch what he eats. But here's the thing! A lot of times, it's in the genes. My children's father was 4 lbs 10 oz at birth and wasn't an inch over 5'3" - EVER. Knowing Big A's genes makes sense. I mean, HELLO! He's 6'4". wow.

Squirt does not look emaciated in the least bit.

Oh - and one more thing. My sis is 5'2" and her hubby is 6'4". Their first baby was in a 4T at age 2. She got "the looks". the tongue clucking. the whole "overfeeding" stuff. And he was 9 lbs 8oz at birth. her daughter was 4 lbs 10 oz at birth and is teeny tiny. and *now* my sis gets the tongue clucking and the "underfeeding" "talks". so - as long as the doctors know your familiy's genetics and you know that you are feeding them healthy foods regularly, everyone else can just butt out!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Ooo, that means more babies??! =)

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