Thursday, February 4, 2010

tis the season...

I'm not really stuck back in December (although if you listen to our bedtimes songs, you may disagree), but rather, am looking forward to the next major holiday - the dreaded Valentine's Day.

I don't remember any Valentine plans in high school. If I had any, they probably included a bad boy and cheap meal or my best friend and a lot of beer. Both probably had their ups and downs but nothing spectacular stands out.

Big A is a romantical fellow. He used to write me notes in class. When we were apart for a summer, we wrote one another every day (and mailed them weekly to save on moolah). He's written me poems, even. Check out pictures from this spectacular Valentine's Day 2007. Oh yes, it's been a lovely ride for me in this relationship.

The last few years have been filled, not with dates or romance, but a card (sometimes funny, sometimes semi-cheesy) and maybe a movie after the kid was in bed. Not what every teenager thinks when they think of married V-Days. At least not what I thought (although I must have had old-fashioned ideas because I rarely remember my parents going on dates).

But it's not bad either. It's comfortable. It's easy. The best part about my husband is that he is easy to please - food and a movie he's seen a million times. A kiss on the cheek and maybe some bedroom fun later.

This year we are going out. Our church is putting on a dinner (with childcare included).

....hence the problem. Childcare. I don't doubt the responsibility of those chosen to watch our children nor my childrens' safety. I do, however, doubt the patience of those hardly out of their own baby-dom. Will they be able to handle my kids? Squirt - sure, hold him and love him. He's all yours (reminds me of the dog on Up! but smarter haha). Moose - there's trouble. He is going to cry and scream and run (trying to find a way out). I don't think he'll hit or anything because that's not really his nature.

No one seems to take me seriously when I say that childcare doesn't work for us. He will hyperventilate. He will cry out for me and only me. He will not be satisfied until I come back. Unless....they watch a movie (preferably Cars or Veggie Tales). However, most things like this are not equipped with ideas like that. They prefer crafts, singing, and playing. So wish them (and us) luck.

I hope they have doggie bags.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Anything romantic? Anything special? Anything DVRed to get you through the night?


Rion said...

We are going to a place called Sizzler.. its got an amazing salad bar and great steaks! And then yesterday we got a coupon for Sizzler in the mail for $9.99 for steak and full salad bar! :D So that sealed our deal.

We used to go to Olive Garden, but going there on Valentines, in Seattle, is like trying to find tickets to Miley Cyrus's first concert. Then we'll probably play video games or watch some anime. David's been itching to show me some and I want to show him the 1st Pokemon movie. *cough*

Me said...

My best friend's birthday is Valentine's Day. Her husband is currently um, out of the state, for a year...

We're throwing her a surprise party. Yay! :-)

Shannon said...

i will be working at romantic is that? ;) maybe i'll buy myself some flowers while i'm there.

EmmaP said...

ahh... good ol' "National Single Awareness Day"... **sigh**

no real plans. big-d and me will probably go out fri or sat, since Vday is technically on Sunday, and he does the dinner with the folks every sunday. :P

I am trying to come up with something romantic though. we'll see.

Together We Save said...

Good luck with your Valentine's Day plans. When my girls were young I never had a sitter, not once. Only my parents about 2 a year. My girls were very attached to mommy.

Emma said...

Indian take-away and a film! :)

Tiaras said...

we couldn't do babysitters ever either because of my son - but I also didn't trust anyone alone with my kids - EVER! I dont' think we will do anything this year!

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