Monday, February 8, 2010

random tidbits

I'm stepping up my workout to 10 hours per week. Sounds scary. I hope it's not so bad. I've cut down down down (baby are you down down down down down.....anyway) on my snacks (only 3 meals and maybe one small snack - less than one of Moose's snacks - and lots of Lifesavers). No juice, just water. Yoga, boot camp, aerobics, Wii sports, and Wii Fit. I'm exhausted looking at this paragraph. I have cut down on my naps during the week in order to accomplish it all (and keep this house looking like we just moved in).

Sorry I don't have a whole lot to report. No real funny stories. Haven't started the potty business yet. Squirt is doing...better (minus today, today he's being a brat). Eating 3 meals a day. Hates hates green beans but seems to devour everything else (haven't tried peas yet).

Just kind of in a funk lately. I think I'm still trying to settle in myself and adjust to this town and new people. One friend announced a pregnancy, another had her little girl yesterday. So that is 3 pregnant friends and one newborn. Exciting. No news of my own! Except I'm going to prevent it even better soon (as in BC not like tubes or anything). I'm excited. I kind of hope the BC will help my weight go down a bit; I've heard when you get off of it, your weight tends to go up. When I get off of it, I get pregnant so of course my weight goes up. LOL

Anyway, hopefully I'll have more to write soon. Take care lovelies.


Alicia said...

hey girl! 10 hours! man, that's good! i just went to the gym today for the first time in months....ughhh. i hope you guys are all doing good in your new place!!!

EmmaP said...

that sounds like boot camp for sure! you're gonna melt away!!!

Me said...

I like this, "When I get off of it, I get pregnant so of course my weight goes up. LOL"

Hahahaha! Yeah. Been there, done that.

I know I don't write a lot (okay, next to never) on my own blog, but I love reading yours. I think you're awesome!

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