Friday, February 12, 2010

interview with me

Sorry it's been slow around here lately. I think I just need some sunshine to infuse my inner muse (and sun is a rarity these days).

BUT.... if you want to learn more about me, head your booties on over to Emma's Not So Usual. She has interviewed me and set up a lovely little intro (although I swear there are better pictures of me LOL).

I hope you all have a great Friday and beautiful Valentine's Day (or Single Awareness Day, if you prefer).


Gledwood said...

Did you get really heavy snows or are you too far from the Eastern Seabord..?

Emma said...

Ooo.. Will go check it out now! :)

Thank You for voting for me!

And yes boot means trunk & a creche is like a nursery/day care place.

EmmaP said...

i need me some sun too and I am SICK AND TIRED of school. There. I said it! and FTR, I LOVED your interview!!!

Jen said...

that was a cool interview.

happy followers