Friday, February 26, 2010

21 day challenge

Summer, one of my good bloggy friends, has set up a 21 day challenge to better herself. She's invited us to join along. I'm doing the challenge for myself and will post now and again about it.

Day 1 was to give something up for 21 days. Mine was to not call myself "fat" for 21 days. So far, I've been doing good. I try to focus on the good things about my body. How strong I feel myself getting, how good I feel after working out, the energy I feel, and other nice things I like about my body.

Day 2 was focusing on doing something for someone else, being nice. In a great twist, I had made a couple of birthday cards for a few friends & was sending them out that day. I used my new obsession, picnik, to make collages for them. Turned out cute!

Day 3 was focusing on the blessings in your life. I used a sticky note on my computer dashboard to write them out. My salvation, kids, and husband top the list. Of course, my mom is on the list - I would never talk to anyone without her. The house we live in that's so nice. Our van. Other various material things. I would add to that list that the food in our fridge and freezer - too often we forget how lucky we are to have a bounty of food.

Day 4 is stop the negative self-talk. See my Day #1. I've been reading some Biggest Loser books lent to me by my aunt. One thing they say is that before you try to "fix" yourself is that you have to accept yourself NOW, the way it is. Not that you don't want to change things, but you have to know where your body, your mind, your heart are and accept that and then change it. I accept that I'm larger than I was 2 years, 3, 4 years ago. I've had two wonderful children grow and come out of my body; it changes, that's what happens. But my stretch marks aren't going anywhere, I probably won't lose all of the weight I want and be a size whatever. That's ok. I know that God and my husband love me the way I am. And when I look in the mirror, it's not so bad.

Day 5 was to go 24 hours without social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace). I'll admit, I did awful at this. So I'm going to try again today (after I finish my picture upload...haha).

Day 6 (today) is to be in the presence of the Lord. Start your day with Him. End your day with Him. Keep Him in your day. I'm going to go set my Bible in my kitchen (because I spend so much time there) and try to read a bit of it today. I've been struggling in this for a long time now.

Summer, thank you so much for this challenge. I think it's going to be great for all involved.

Go try it for yourself.

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