Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Workout Wednesday

Tip of the Week: Although it's cold in many states right now, try to park your car at least halfway through the parking lot. This may mean a slightly longer walk to the store but dress in layers and you (and your family) will be just fine (just know, this is a tip for me because I whine when my husband parks too far away haha).

Big A got me 2 workout DVDs for Christmas: Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga & Biggest Loser Boot Camp. He's been working out with me when he comes home from work and on his days off, too. It's great motivation for me to get myself going. He also got me a StayBall (weighted exercise ball) that came with a 30 minute Core Strength DVD.

Yesterday, I did the Boot Camp and StayBall DVDs during nap time. Squirt was awake for about 20 minutes of the BC so I had to stop a few minutes to lay him down. But I was feeling pretty good about my workouts. I've been doing them most every day. I think I've not done a workout maybe 3 times since Christmas.

Then I stepped on that stupid scale after watching Biggest Loser last night. Now, I realize I'm not going to lose 6, 10, 14, 23 pounds in one week. But after a few weeks, I would have thought I'd have lost ONE pound. Nothing. Oh it just makes me angry. This is the part about working out that makes me mad; when you don't see results. I know that I feel better working out and I'm getting better at the workouts, but one of my goals of working out (other than to be healthy and show my kids that exercise is a lifestyle) is to lose weight. I have about 30+ extra pounds (10 from each kid and 10 from college) to shed. So I'm frustrated.

I went to bed thinking about it (and shedding a few tears). At 4am when Moose decided to wake up for awhile (I read him a story and sent his butt back to's almost 8am and he's still snoozing away), I decided to workout because I couldn't get back to sleep (oh hurry up nap time!).

Yoga this morning did not feel as productive. I was grumpy. Also, while it kills my husband not to be completely focused on the workout (i.e. it bugs him when Moose is hanging off of him while working out), I felt that without Moose around, I wasn't as focused. I started to do the Boot Camp afterward...but I was sore and I wasn't focused so I knew it wouldn't be a good workout. So I ate breakfast instead.

I know I won't see instant results...but, really, something. Big A is so sweet and tries to be comforting to me and encouraging, but I'm just not feeling it today. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

{I think on Wednesdays I'm going to try to post updates about my working out and weight loss. Hopefully I'll have some results to share with you soon.}


Stacey said...

When I first bought my Turbo Jam DVD, I found Chalene Johnson's blog. She had a great article on there about how our bodies adjust to a workout, and you don't typically see results for the first while. Hang in there!

Lesley said...

working out can be so counterproductive...especially when you get frustrated...I finally had to stop weighing myself...and going by how my clothes fit...if my pants felt a little better then I knew I was making progress...otherwise I probably would have chucked the scale through the tv.

Happy said...

Hey You! You look terrific and so does the blog! Wow!

Sorry I've been away for awhile...I sort of took a blog maternity leave, if you will.

I'm back, though!

Thanks for the encouraging comments when I did post. Always nice to hear.

Can't believe how big your Squirt is getting...has it really been six months??? Geesh!

Time flies...oh man, does it ever!

Happy said...

ps...I'll probably be trying to pick your brain on how you do some blog layout changes...mine needs some revamping!

And I love that you don't understand Twitter yet you have an account...ME TOO!

Honey Mommy said...

Hang in there girl! Sometimes it just takes a while to get your body going!

I am working on losing a bit this year too. I wanna loose 20ish pounds before I get pregnant again. :o) I did aerobics yesterday, and my calves are killing me!

Muthering Heights said...

That IS frustrating...I know how you feel!!

Sometimes it takes a week or two before your body will "let go" of the weight...hang in there!! :)

Aubrey said...

Hang in there! Even though the weight isn't coming off as quick as you would like, you are still doing something great for yourself!

You can do it!!

Synergy Girl said...

I have been a fitness instructor for almost five years. After my third baby, I was STOKED to get a core power class...I WAS GOING TO HAVE THOSE ROCK HARD ABS BABY!!!! To my surprise, although they were strong...they were actually going out farther...AHHHH!!! The truth of the matter is that working out is ALWAYS good, but you have to understand the body. You need muscle to burn fat, but you need cardio to burn it. SO, while you may not be seeing changes just keep to will. That muscle is building now, so though you may not be seeing the fat come off the scale, you are probably just burning and building at a close rate...things will turn though!! Can't wait to see your results!!!

angie said...

What a great idea! Wishing you tons of success, and I can wait to hear how it's going!

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