Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well...tomorrow's the big M day! I'm excited and sad, of course. But I am also very anxious to just get it done...I'm tired of packing. :) I think Moose kind of realizes something is going on. I don't know if he understands "moving" or not, but he's definitely been acting up today. Just a lot of screeching and crying and not listening. Nothing serious, but with him being SO mild normally, it's frustrating. I also think he's missed his daddy a LOT, too. So it'll be very good to be resettled in our new home.

Will be talking with you soon.


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Have a safe move! I hope everything goes smoothly. It is going to be so nice when you are settled in!

God Bless!

Me said...

Awww, Love you!

Hope the transition for the kiddos (and you!) goes smoothly.

Be safe!

EmmaP said...

yes, getting settled will be good! good luck with the move. sorry i haven't been by the blog for a couple of days... i had some tests for school :(

Honey Mommy said...

Kids always now when things aren't quite normal! Hope your move goes well and you get all settled in quickly!

Emma said...

I hope the move went ok , I'm thinking of you & your family during this stressful time!
*Sending you a vitual potted plant & homemade cookies (Ok, I cheated .. Store bought cookies!!) x

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