Monday, January 18, 2010

lovely day

Is today Monday?

Are you sure?

It can't be because I had a great day today! Mondays are never this lovely (especially Mondays when my hubby isn't going to be cuddling with me that night).

We did nothing special today. Got Squirt's formula switched out (Neutramigen was giving him diarrhea so went back to Gentlease). Exchanged a DVD I got for Christmas. Got some groceries we needed.

I received a call on our way home from my friend, Chelsey. She works for a local radio station and had some backstage passes for Sesame Street Live that she wanted us to have. How sweet is that? My Moose is going to get to meet Elmo! I cannot wait until Saturday!

After our second attempt at going home, we made a pit stop at our friend Elli's house. Her sister had given her some hand-me-downs and she'd gone through them for clothes for her older son. She had 3 garbage bags full of even more clothes from sizes 4T (what Moose wears) all the way up to 8T (8s? I'm not sure about that)! What a God send! I love hand-me-downs. And they were nice, too - a few Cars shirts (and swim trunks), jeans!, and just some other great stuff. I went through it and the only thing that we didn't take were some Spongebob boxers and a small purple shirt that I think was a ladies' shirt. How fantastic that we probably won't have to buy much as he grows even bigger.

Sweet Elli. I can't tell you how much I love this girl. She and her husband had gone through their own clothes and she offered her own to me. What.a.sweetheart. She is small even with a baby under 2 months old. I would guess about a 7 (I'm not good with women's sizing but she's small). And she thought I was smaller than her (I'm 9 sizes larger). I told her I wore a 16 and she sounded just flabbergasted. Bless her heart. Made my day!

The rest of the day was pretty dull. Moose had fallen asleep in the van for about a half an hour. I put him down for a nap as normal and he laid in his crib, just talking to himself (hollering out to me once in awhile "mommy") for an hour and a half. Once Squirt laid down for his nap, I took Moose to nap with me. He slept from about 2:30-almost 5.

I didn't feel like cooking so we had pizza, peas, and applesauce with jello for dessert. The most disappointing part of my day was when House wasn't on...darn it. :) Watched Big Bang Theory. Played our Wii Sports for awhile. Put the baby down, put the boy down. Did yoga!! Fed the baby.

And here I am. Today was a good day.

What was the best part of your day?


Emma said...

GLEE!!! I'm loving this program! Have you been watching it over there?
House is also fantastic!
I'm so jealous you get to see these fantastic program before me!!

Sounds like you had a great day, Mine was pretty dull, went to Mother & Baby group but no one really wanted to do much/talk - everyone seemed half asleep!

Never heard of Sonic before I googled it , We don't have them over here but after looking at the menu.. I'm now going to spending the rest if the day thinking (and dribbling!) over those Ex-Long Chili cheese coney!! Lol.

EmmaP said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished! wow! i love hand-me-downs too! Oh, and the best part of my day was after my Dr. appt in Salt Lake City, Big-D invited me to come to his work (also downtown) and have lunch with him! I was in such a good mood, I came home and went to the gym!!! Woo!

By the way - Wii Sports? Do you get a good work out with those? which ones do you have? I have the wii fit, but was curious about sports. Thanks.

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