Thursday, January 28, 2010


That's right! The day I went to disconnect the internet, my hubby tells me "just have them change it to our new place." Oh yeah!

However, it is my goal to not be on here for very long each day! I've actually enjoyed the quietness of our house and time spent with my kids without my beloved cable or internet. So I may not post as much (or just at different times of the day) and I may be slow getting around to you all. But I'm back!

And I will post pictures of our new place soon. Let me just say - it's beautiful! And the boys have adjusted well. We're unpacked, pictures on walls even, and the only kink in our move is the colds that 3/4 of us have contracted (Big A isn't sick - thankfully). I've even joined an aerobics class.


Me said...

So good to hear from you!
Yay! Glad everything is going well. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your class!

Your cool friend, Cheryl said...

I was starting to wonder if you up and joined witness protection or something...

Welcome back!

Stacey said...

Yay!!! Welcome back :) Can't wait to see pics!

Alicia said...

i was wondering where you went!! i'm glad that you guys are all doing ok! minus the cold part....enjoy the new house!! and the down time :)

rjs mama said...

welcome back :)

hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
my real story
my minute maid

Vicki said...

Good for you and props for being able to live without the technology. We don't have cable, but I'm not sure how I'd do without internet for very long. And holy cow, you're already unpacked!? I thought we were quick! Can't wait to see pics.

EmmaP said...

wow - already unpacked??? woo!!!

And I tell ya - we haven't had cable since May 2009, and I'd thought we'd miss it.. we don't. can't wait for the pics!!!

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