Wednesday, January 20, 2010

doing good

I'll admit, the last time I packed was in college when we got married and moved in together. I didn't lift a finger the other 3 times we've moved. I have never set up our apartments - put dishes away or pictures up (at least not initially).

This is my move apparently. I have packed away most of the toys, wall hangings, movies, half of my clothes, and other odds and ends. Big A packed away some of our dishes we never use (coffee mugs, glass glasses, etc) and 2 of our gaming systems (I wanted the Wii left out).

I'll admit I'm very proud of myself. I was kind of overwhelmed by this packing stuff. I'm sure other women could do it better (or other men for that matter). They would go room by room and label a lot. I pack all pictures together, all books - no matter the room they came from. I do label if it's fragile and what room I want it put into (master bedroom, kids, living room, basement, etc).

But it's sad packing. Part of our lives were spent here. This is where we brought Squirt home. We've argued, laughed, loved, ate, slept, bathed, rolled over, played, cuddled - all in this apartment. Not that we won't do those things in our new home, but I just always think moving is a little sad. I think you leave a little piece of yourself in every place you've ever lived.

Have you ever moved besides into your current home? Do you miss where you lived? Do you think you'll move again?

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Vicki said...

Moving has become a way of life for me...I've moved (in my adult life) about 10 times, and two of those were only for about three months each :) And we'll probably move at least two or three more times. Sometimes I miss where I lived, sometimes I don't. God created me to move I think. I'm an introvert so I don't have to have a lot of friends wherever I go to feel involved or survive. I can get by with my family, one or two friends and then acquaintances. Anyway, I always look forward to the new place I'm moving to and what awaits there. Because if we didn't move there'd be no way we could travel to as many different places as we do, do as many things as we've done, or be as adventurous as we are.

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