Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I called the lady that basically runs the housing authority that we rent through to tell her that we're moving out on Friday. I've already signed a vacate notice but we were unsure of the actual date we'd be moving.

She says this is fine and then casually mentions that we'll have to pay for another 30 days. What? When we moved in, she told us that they like to have a 30 days notice but 2 weeks is fine and they would work with us. Now she denies that. Both Big A & myself heard this and have been under this impression all along. Granted when I just looked at our lease it basically says that we will have 30 days past our notice to pay for but in very confusing terms.

I tried to explain to her that next time she should be careful of what she says. She went on the defensive, saying she'd been doing this for many years and I'm the first person to mention this, blah blah blah. I said everyone makes mistakes and it's in paper, so for us that's that. BUT for the next schlubs that move in here, that deposit may be very important (it sure isn't unimportant to us but we'll get by tightly) when they move out. We were planning on using ours to pay our rent in our new place. She just kept going on and I just say, yes it's in righting so that's fine but please all I'm asking is that for the future that you're careful so that others aren't under the same impression. She was really rude. I just wish she would have mentioned this little 30 days when we first told her we were moving because I think we first mentioned it almost 3 weeks ago, but I didn't know we had vacate papers until a week ago when I signed them.

I guess that's how places make money...


EmmaP said...

ok - so you TOLD her you were moving 3 weeks ago and she didn't think to tell you "make sure you sign the vacate papers"? so then you would be like "Wha-?" I mean, really -- the whole thing could have been clarified back then. And rental-schmental papers. Who reads the fine print? Also, even if that is what you THOUGHT you heard -- who remembers everything they ever say or do? weird. And she could have been more empathetic, like, "Oh, I am sorry for the misunderstanding." instead of getting all defensive. **sigh**

Good luck with the move!

ChickenLittle said...

Don't even get me started on stupid landlords. They are all just greedy, money hungry people. It's just sad. We never got the money back from our first crazy landlord.
I hate bad landlords and sorry you have to deal with one. Just remember that God does provide and you will survive.
Have a safe move!

Stacey said...

Well.... I can see both sides. It makes sense that if you told her you were moving, and that was three weeks ago, then she should have gotten the hint. BUT, as a landlord, I also know how frustrating it is when people back out of a lease early, and then you are stuck without income for a month. Maybe it's different for her, but for us, we need that rental income to pay the mortgage on the rental house! I resent the comments about being money hungry. We are very far from that.

Happy said...

I have to comment on several posts all at once here...

The kids are gonna LOVE Sesame Street Live! We just went to the show here in Pgh on Sunday...so fun!

I would love to be moving right now so I'm a tad envious, but not envious of the struggle of moving with young children.

And I would totally help you pack and organize if you weren't like seven or eight states away!

Helene said...

I could see why you're irritated at her. My father used to work in property management and he always used to say, "get everything in writing". But you're probably like me...very trusting and you assume the best in people.

If she told you that your notice was sufficient, she should abide by that. And what's up with her getting all defensive and snotty?? There was no need for her to have an attitude about it! UGH

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