Sunday, January 17, 2010

the big M


Oh boy.

We got a call about an hour ago. We can move whenever we're ready. This weekend (after Sesame Street, of course) we will be embarking on the new chapter of our life (once again).

A new house, a new job, a new community - everything new.

I knew this was coming, of course. And yet I'm blindsided. I'm overwhelmed.

I haven't gotten to say good-byes (hopefully I will this week at MOPS and church). Packing seems insurmountable. We've started on the things we won't need this week...but there's so much we do need yet.

Moving is also going to be tricky with the kids. I've been telling Moose that we're moving again, we won't be living here, remember when we moved in that big yellow truck, etc. He doesn't seem to understand a lick of what I'm talking about. Squirt's already so temperamental, I hope this new environment doesn't throw him off even more. And let me just say I am so glad we haven't started potty training.

Anyway...back to packing...anyone want to pack for me?


Your cool friend, Cheryl said...

No thanks. I'm a bad packer, anyway. :)

I DO NOT look forward to the day we decide to move and I have to pack up our house. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. What we've amassed living here 5 yrs already seems more than would ever fit on a whole fleet of moving trucks, let alone what we'll have down the road. Ugh.

Me said...

Awww. Good Luck! Keep us updated and stay safe with it all!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I wish I could help you out! I am sure everything will go smooth.

When moving there is always a transition to go through with the kids, but maybe because they are young, it will go smooth. Good luck and keep us posted!

Alicia said...

ahhh the big day is coming up! i hope that everything works out for you guys! i know you've been stressed about this, but keep your head are so resilient and can adjust far better than we give them credit'll be fine!!! and just think of all the new things in store for you!! as for the packing...well i can't help you on that one! lol

Muthering Heights said...

We have only moved across town with kids...but the packing still takes FOREVER!!!

My advice is to label obsessively, LOL!

EmmaP said...

i am sure it will take a while to adjust. i hope you will like it once you get there. have fun at Sesame Street this weekend!!!

Emma said...

Are you moving far from your current house?
I doubt I'LL ever move from this town (Jon cant bare to be apart from his Mother!Lol) . But Jon has said that we can have another baby when we get a bigger house! Hehe..

The thought of packing just makes me tired!!

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