Friday, January 29, 2010

1 - close your eyes....2 - imagine you're there....

3 - your imagination can take you anywhere!

Welcome to Sesame Street Live! I'm your host, S Club Mama!

Our first destination on the Street is backstage...or rather a small room that is adjacent to a pool tournament, only cut-off by sheer black sheets. So... 1. close your eyes... 2. imagine you're there (hear the pool balls banging around and the announcer over the PA system)... 3. you're imagination can take you anywhere!

Can you see Moose's excitement and joy at not only SEEING his pal Grover but SITTING ON HIS LAP?! And just feel Squirt as he puts a death grip on that Baby Bear's paw! Can you sense how much he wants to eat that fur?

Alright...the next place we're going to go is to the auditorium. 1. close your eyes... 2. imagine you're there (can you see all the kids and parents? smell the popcorn and food? see the parents spending their childrens' college funds on Elmo toys/hats/shirts/toys, $4 cotton candy, and $10 Elmo balloons? The toys that Moose desperately wanted to play with but I kept telling him that they were for those kids because they didn't have Elmo toys but he had his stuffed Elmo - thanks Emma! Unfortunately he still wanted them...)... 3. your imagination can take you anywhere!

This is how Moose spent most of the show. On his daddy's lap with that thumb in his mouth. He did eject it a few times to say "Bit burd" or "ewrnie" or "eamo" and once in awhile to sing a song he knew or something. Once or twice to laugh like the Count, too. I love when he does that.

And finally, after a great show, comes the end. 1. close your eyes...2. imagine you're there (can you hear Moose crying because it's over and me telling him that Elmo's tired so he needs a nap now?)... 3. your imagination can take you anywhere!

We had a lot of fun. I had a blast watching Moose. He spent the last part sitting on my chest and standing on my lap. He had a blast. I can still catch him jabbering about the show once in awhile and if I say "1 close your eyes, etc" he'll do that and say the characters' names. Adorable.

My only qualms with the show were that they only brought out Grover and Baby Bear for the pre-show thing. We got there an hour early for a 2 second photo op with probably the two least known characters. I was expecting Elmo or Cookie Monster. But Moose loved meeting Grover (I had to tell him who Baby Bear was...). And my other qualm was that they had two characters who weren't from the show and they never introduced (one was Oscar's cousin so a female version of Oscar and the other was a "human" named Roxy...had no real rhyme or reason behind these two). Not that they hurt the show, I just was like "who are they?"

But can I say that I am so thankful that we won these tickets and passes? There's no way we could have done this otherwise and it was a blast.


Synergy Girl said...

I had a hard time reading this post....cause ya kept telling me to close my eyes...then I didn't know what I was supposed to do next... ;) haha...the humor...I guess that is why I am a mom...not a stand up comedian...anyhow...that looked like a kids wouldn't know ANY of the characters, cause although I watched Sesame Street religiously...they have seen it a very few times...! I don't even know why really...hmmmm. Anyhow, in answer to your question...I got pregnant back in July...on a crazy camping trip...don't take random walks on the beach is all I gotta say!! We are excited to see this little girl in a couple months though!

Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like they had a GREAT time!!! :)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

He looked so excited to sit on Grover's lap. That is a wonderful win. Ouch, prices like that remind me of Disneyland. You are too funny, I probably would have made up a similar excuse to my kids to avoid buying the overpriced stuff as well.

EmmaP said...

baby bear, huh? weird. anyway -- glad it was fun!!!

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