Wednesday, December 16, 2009

update on sickies 2

Moose napped from 5 until 8 when I laid him in his crib. Then around 10 or 11 he woke up, just angry. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and he just repeated whatever I asked him. I thought he wanted a bath but when I put him in there, he just screamed. I asked if he pooped and he just screamed "poopie" but nothing when I looked in his diaper or set him on the potty. He just was angry. I hollered for Big A. He sat there perplexed for awhile until he realized the kid was probably hungry.

Moose ate about 5 crackers and drank about 1/2 a sippy of juice. I was holding him in a towel after his "bath." He peed on me. I was thankful for the towel and that he'd peed. I was afraid he was dehydrated. Big A went back to bed.

I tried laying Moose in with us, laying in his chair with him, laying him in his crib. We went to the living room and watched the Late Late Show (whose beginning was disappointing, Craig!). Moose colored, laid with me, played a bit. I keep reminding him it's bed time, night-night, time to sleep.

We go back in his room and I read while he plays. I lay him in his crib. I watch his baby legs lean on the slats of his crib. He rolls one way, then the other, serenading me with renditions of "Away in a Manger." I wasn't glad to be up so late but it was a joy to watch him. His long chubby legs still holding a sense of baby-ness to them. His cheerful singing with his mixed up words "sheshus" being my favorite (Jesus). I tried to video tape it but it was too dark. You can hear him singing though. One of those quiet, still moments where you're just so happy to be a mommy.

He's "down" for a nap now; he just stopped crying. I did yoga today - oh that felt so nice! Exercise really is good for a body, not just health-wise. Now I'm putting all of our fresh fruits & veggies in containers. I've got carrots peeled and cut, blackberries washed and put away, cauliflower and broccoli broken up and snuggled in a container together, and I'm peeling oranges to have ready to eat. I'm lazy like that; I won't peel an orange to eat right then.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your day. If your family is ill, I'll be praying for you. If you could also pray for my MOPS leader's husband. He needs a new kidney and has been in failure for some months now. They've been in the ER for a few nights (or maybe just one?) with his headaches. He's tried a few different drugs to help with them but obviously they weren't working, hence the ER trip. The latest via Facebook is that his headaches are gone but his blood pressure is too high to go home. Be praying for some positive thinking and attitudes and some lower blood pressures all around. Thanks


Alicia said...

sending prayers your way! i got your card today, SO cute!! and i hope the boys are feeling better...that's no fun!! and i saw the intro to the late late show...strippers??? really??? i was shocked when i saw it! it was POINTLESS!!!

angie said...

Sending big hugs your way. I'm so sorry!

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