Tuesday, December 1, 2009

shed a little tear

my bigger little man is almost all grown up.
I felt his last baby tooth (2 year molar) poking out.
Is it weird that that makes me cry?

It seems like with Squirt around, Moose is growing up faster.
I just remember all too well how he was at that age and it seems like it just happened.

He came out a toothless guy with this gummy smile that made my heart melt
(wasn't he a chunky monkey?)

now he has all of these teeth, these beautiful pearly whites I sort of obsess over.

He still makes my heart melt.


Jen said...

It is not silly for you to cry about this at all. My little three are getting their 2 yr molars too. And on one hand I am happy b/c teething is done but whaaaaaa teething is done.

Muthering Heights said...

You SHOULD cry...tears of joy! You're done teething for a while! Wahoo!!! :D

{No really, I get it...}

Tooth Fairy said...

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