Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Meme

Are you close to your siblings?: Yes
Who is your best friend?: other than Big A, not sure
Would you ever date your friend's ex?: I dated a friend's ex in high school - did not end up well.

Celine Dion song?: It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Michael Jackson song?: The Way You Make Me Feel
Patrick Swayze movie?: Dirty Dancing or Fatherhood
Madonna song?: Material Girl (my parents had a tape and I used to rewind it over and over to listen to this song)
Tom Cruise movie?: Cocktail (by far!)

Have You Ever
been to a drive in movie?: yes, every year since I was really little except the last few (a tornado shut it down)
stepped on a nail or thumb tack?: nope
swallowed chewing gum?: guilty...I still do it.
tried out for the theater?: I did one-act in high school. 4 years with a leading part!
been a cheerleader or football player?: no, I was the school mascot one year so I lettered in cheerleading

What is
something you consider to be a waste of time?: worrying
something you do just for yourself?: sleep - and work out now
something you'd like to improve about yourself?: this is a loaded question but I'd love to get highlights in my hair
an animal you are scared of?: hippos, I hear they are ferocious!
something you do with your kids?: I love the library with the kids or the park or the children's museum

Is there something stressful going on in your life right now?: we might be moving soon (yeah, I know I haven't blogged about it yet...I will when we know what we're doing)
Who do you talk to about your problems?: Anthony
Where did you get your last bruise?: I don't know. I usually have no idea why I bruise.
Has anyone ever given you roses?: yes
Are you looking forward to a three day weekend?: yes! Happy New Year!

Have You...
ever broken the law?: yes
ever bought beer for a minor?: no, nor would I ever
ever been so dizzy you fell?: Star tipping!
ever taken a day just for yourself?: no
started buying Christmas presents?: No but I have almost a year to do it! haha


EmmaP said...

nice meme! but now I just REALLY wanna know, cuz you've got me INSANELY CURIOUS!!! YOU BROKE THE LAW??? WHAT DID YOU DO? or are we talking something like speeding?

Helene said...

Are hippos really ferocious? I had no idea. They look so cute and harmless.

I laughed when I read the word "tape" when you were referring to the Madonna song. Remember those? No one has tapes anymore. A couple months ago, the kids found an old Bee Gees tape cassette that I had. I totally forgot about it and it was funny that they had NO clue what on earth it was.

Happy New year!

Alicia said...

oh lady...COCKTAIL?!?! yes puh-lease!!! i was all about beach boys co-co-mo....ohhh the memories!!

JennyMac said...

law breaker? Why you sassy thing!

Happy New Year!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I think I am going to join in on this fun. How old are your parents? I had that Madonna tape, you just made me feel very old.

Emma said...

I'm curious about the law braking too?! Lol.

I don't have a clue what time it is there.. (I'm rubbish with the whole time zone thing!).. We're 2 hours away from New Years.

I hope you have a lovely night/day!!

Look forward to a year of following your blog/friendship.

Much Love! Me , Jon & Oli xx

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