Sunday, December 20, 2009

just trying to help

Do you ever try to sympathize or help someone with a problem or something and they seem to blow off your advice or make it seem like you can't possibly know what they're going through?

I get frustrated by this. I know my situation isn't EXACTLY like yours or yours (or yours). God made us walk differing paths. But didn't He also give us compassion and empathy?

Today, this season, this coming year, always - if someone tries to give you advice or help you with something (whether it be improving your blog, living healthier, parenting, your walk with Jesus, your marriage), please take it into consideration. Even if they are on a different journey than you or they don't have something you have (or have something you don't have). Because I believe we are all here to make footprints in other lives, to help out one another.

Don't underestimate the wisdom people have acquired in their lives. Speaking for myself, I have often felt when I've given advice that friends don't often see me as a Christian leader or someone with wisdom in other realms of life (motherhood, marriage, healthy living, academia). I am by no means experts in these fields, but I have read enough and learned enough through my own life. I just wish people wouldn't underestimate my abilities.


Orange Juice said...

that is a very good post. great advice too. another point is that not only did he give us the ability to do those things but also that we can't possibly know all of what people have gone through in their own lives & how relevent they may be in their understanding or ability to help.
Keep offering your love & compassion because for every person that blows you off there is an equal number of people or more whose lives you have touched & that's what matters.

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

So true.

Shannon said...


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Well said! I truly think we can learn something from everyone we come across, no matter who it is or what situation they are in their lives.

EmmaP said...

agreed. I mean after all, it is "advice". it isn't like your trying to cram something down someone's throat or anything. I enjoy hearing other people's way of doing things; especially when I had small children. And of course there are those whose advice I have come to regard with utmost respect my "go-to" people.

That being said, I do have this one friend, and she always wants to give advice. Except the problem is she does it without even really listening. I mean, I might be telling her about something that happened - not even a problem - and before I can even finish the sentence she's saying "What you SHOULD do is..." I get frustrated with her and it's like "are you even listening?" Sadly, I find myself having to take mini breaks from her.

I guess the bottom line is good listening skills on both sides, huh?

What a great post Randi! Oh by the way, you know what you oughta do is...

tee hee.

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