Wednesday, December 9, 2009

custom invitations

The boys turn 1 and 3 in July. I would love nothing more than to throw 2 huge bashes for them. However, I will probably throw them one giant birthday bash. I haven't thought of a theme. I do have presents (thanks to Dee and Michelle and their wonderful giveaways I recently got blessed to win)...or will soon in the mail.

Anyway! For their great party (and it will be great), I would love custom invitations (and not ones on crappy computer paper that I printed off although I did make cute Wonder Pets ones last year for Moose).

One way I can get these sweet invites is by winning another giveaway. I don't know if my luck can carry over but I'm hoping (for my boys' sakes...of course). The Creative Party Place is hosting an invitation giveaway and if you want a chance, you should head on over to check it out. Use them for a birthday party, New Year's Eve party, Valentine's Day party, whatever!


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Good luck!

I'm doing polka dots/candyland for the big 1/3 party and I already know I'm doing cowboys next yr for 2/4. I'm such a nerd!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I love Cheryl's idea of Candyland theme. I saw that idea in a Parent's magazine. I think I am going with that for Chloe's next party. Doing them together is perfect, parties are expensive and throwing one big bash will be so much fun!

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