Thursday, December 17, 2009

butt crack

Today, while bouncing a few balls back and forth with Moose, he kept leaning over. His pants today were too big (weird, right?) so his diaper kept scooting down his backside. I was calling him "butt crack" as in "hey butt crack, nice catch."

He start to repeat "wak wack." So I showed him where his butt crack was (and maybe I mooned him to better explain).

Big A comes home and I wanted to show him Moose's new word(s). To be funny, I told Moose to find Big A's butt crack. Mind you, Big A is trotting around our kitchen in his underwear.

Moose goes right up to him and reaches for his butt crack...but he mixed up which side of the body it was on. Oops.

Big A says maybe he shouldn't leave our children at home with me anymore.


Gledwood said...

How romantic falling in love with your best friend. You got a beautiful family by the way. Congratulations!

I kind of got waylaid via your friends' blogs after pressing "next" up top and finding myself in totally unfamiliar territory so I thought I'd say hi while I'm still here.

Have a very merry Christmas and lots of love from England


Gledwood said...

ps is the name of your blog a reference to S Club 7?
I would have assumed they were totally unheard of in Nebraska!!

Becky D said...

You got me laughing out loud, Scared Kinzie,she jumped and fell off my boob while she was eating!

Me said...

I love, love it!

We teach our kids to "shake their buns!"
Yeah. We're freaks like that, haha.

Emma said...

Hahaha.. Got me giggling lots too!! Jon's trying to teach Oli rude words.. He thinks it will be hilarious if he comes out with something rude as his first word!!

Hope everyone in your household are feeling better now?!

Such a cute cheeky pic of Moose!! Is that a sticker on his bum? Lol

Jennifer said...

That is TOO funny!! LOL

Vicki said...

HAHA! Moments like these make life more fun :)

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