Sunday, November 29, 2009


A pavilion mall across town had a Christmas tree lighting festivities on Saturday, so we thought we'd stop by and take the boys to see Santa. We got there and the parking lot was FULL. We found a spot fairly easily and went "inside" to the center pavilion.

There were so many people and kids and lots of talking, you could hardly hear what was being said. And I of course, being of my small height, couldn't see a thing except the tip of Santa's hat. It was boring, I'm not gonna lie. Then I saw a sign "Santa's Workshop" (or something to that extent) with an arrow. I suggested we see what was there.

It was a small line. We only waited maybe 45 minutes to see Santa (after his tree lighting stuff). Big A had to walk with Moose for awhile and change his diaper (wouldn't want to leak on Santa's lap). I held a sleeping Squirt and talked to another mom in line (whose son was a chunky monkey! but so adorable).

Big A took Moose up to see Rudolph and Frosty on their walk. Moose fell in LOVE! with Rudolph. When they came back in line, Rudolph came over with an elf to take pictures and say hi to the kids. Moose hollered at him, "hi 'udoff" over and over. He waved. He took a picture with him. He kept waving and saying hi to 'udoff. And at some point he just yelled his name over and over, desperate to get this guy's attention. And Rudolph was so nice, kept waving at Moose (and I know he was waving at him because he was mocking Moose's two handed, I'm-so-excited wave).

I haven't laughed that hard in so long! It was wonderful and adorable. It's hard to believe some day he won't be excited by men dressed up as reindeer with red noses.

We get inside and we sit Moose on Santa's lap. He wasn't scared (ha to all those people who have been telling me since his first Christmas that he won't be scared of far, so good) and sat nice for a picture, doing his "cheese" for the camera.

Squirt was asleep but I laid him in Santa's arms (didn't want to risk him dropping Squirt with Moose wiggling so we opted for 2 separate pictures) and he woke up. He looked confused but beautiful (as always...well, not always confused, but you understand). He started to get upset with the second picture so I scooped him up.

I always feel badly not buying their pictures but I just can't spend $12 on a picture (that was the cheapest package; I'm not sure what it included) when I can take my own picture (although these were offset so I may try to find another Santa for a better photo op) and get it developed for a few cents. Anywho...

Today my big sister, Amber, stopped by on her way back home from New York where she spent her Thanksgiving (and Black Friday which sounded a lot more than I could handle). It was nice to see her and have her spend some time with the boys. I hope she doesn't make it back too late because she had quite the drive in front of her and stayed longer than intended. But it was a good time (except for Moose's really late nap that was me and him in his chair sleeping in his room because he kept wailing but wouldn't sleep in his crib because I laid him down 2 hours after I normally do - omg I can't wait for a normal nap schedule).

I may share some more stories over the next week or so but mostly that was our Thanksgiving and weekend after. Nothing spectacular but a lot of fun. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend, too.

I also got Big A the PERFECT GIFT. It was a set that included this, this, and something like this. :) (Disclaimer, Big A if you happen to read this blog for the first time ever and think to click on these, don't. I will hurt you.) My parents went in on it for me because it was out of my price range but I think he'll love it. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait for Christmas. We also got Moose a cool Cars track thing.

Alright, time for bed. G'night.


Jen said...

what a great holiday you had!

Emma Louise said...

Lovely photo's! :)
Your santa looks great! All the ones over here never seem to put any effort it!

When the lights got turned on in our town the other weekend the santa who was giving out the sweeties was so skinny (I thought Father Christmas was meant to be fat?!) and he was miserable!

But a couple of days later it was declared on the front page of our local newspaper that he had been fired for being such a rubbish santa!

Your has even the rosy cheeks! Unless he was cold?

Hehe.. I'm getting my other half some similar Christmas presents! :)

Shannon said...

God's perfection is the standard of our sin. (?) this doesn't make sense to me...come back to my page and elaborate por favor.

PS: the reindeer is creepy and would have made me cry as a child maybe

Tiaras said...

I sooooooooooooo need to get to Santa!!!

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