Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas shopping: Part 1

Thanks to The Deal Scoop and STL Mommy, we got Squirt's Christmas present for .52 cents!

We had gone out last night, stopping by Toys R Us before heading to Target for the find. They were out. It only looked like one other Target store had what we were looking for. We called them (it was late, no need to keep the kids out later than necessary) - they were sold out.

I won't lie, I was devastated. Here I was, so proud of myself for this steal (literally, almost)...and it just didn't work out.

Today my mom & dad must have called Target while I was out getting lunch, put one on hold, and picked it up while they went shopping. Thanks, guys!

Woohoo! One kid down, one more to go.

Now, the question is...what will we get Squirt? Want to see my wish list (for him)?

(these are only a few off the top of my head)

(also, don't worry, I wish I could get a LOT more for Squirt, too)

If money were no object, what would YOU get your kid(s) or spouse (or yourself)?


Muthering Heights said...

We have that caterpillar/centipede/alphabet kids love it!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

So which one of those did you get for 52 cents??

We have that leapfrog caterpillar's a big hit around here.

I don't know if you shop at Costco, but they have that Cars race track. Their prices for toys are usually really great.

Lesley said...

holy cow .52 cents? that is crazy! I would love to get Noah one of those new tv. game systems where they sit on the horse to make the educational games idea what it's called....

Alicia said...

oh awesome!! that is seriously such a bargain!! how'd you do it?!

and if i could get them any gift... hmmm that's tough!!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh man! I work at Target and one lady got away with this deal at my store. By the time I heard about it we were sold out. The next day we had an angry customer who had FIVE of these caterpillars after we restocked them. Turns out Target was only supposed to honor 1 of the deals (either the price match in the TRU ad OR the coupon but NOT both!) The lady was really angry...but I think she was also pretty damned greedy for taking the last of the little caterpillars!

I only wish I could have grabbed one before Target wised up!

Great steal!!

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