Tuesday, November 24, 2009

read on to find out Squirt's newest accomplishment

*Think back to ten years ago on this month.
*Write truthful answers and ELABORATE. This makes it more interesting!
*If you don't have a scanner you may omit #14 but I think if you do you should totally do it!
*It's about personal changes. Have fun with it!

Then: NOVEMBER 1999

1. Age: 13

2. Romantic Status: I'm sure I was in love with one of two classmates: Charles or Jared and possibly an older boy named Torey - none of which would ever date me

3. Occupation: 7th grade student and dishwasher at my hometown's bar & grill on Friday & Saturday nights

4. Fun night out: Going to the mall to walk around without my parents

5. My BFFs: my cousin, Shawna

6. I spent way too much time: homework - I was a nerd.

7. I spent not enough time: learning how to do my hair.

8. I wanted to be when I grew up: I wanted to be a teacher.

9. Biggest concern: Boys, I'm sure.

10. What my biggest concern should have been: God.

11. Where did I live: With my parents & sisters.

12. Dumbest thing I did that year: Who knows. Probably a few things, I was in junior high.

13. If I could go back now and talk to myself I would say: to not worry about boys. To focus on school and girl friends.

14. Picture of me then:
(yeah, I know - hot bangs. I do realize this is not from November but it's as close as I'll get. I'm on the right side. Click to enlarge).

Now: NOVEMBER 2009

1. Age: 23

2. Romantic Status: lovingly married

3. Occupation: SAHM

4. Fun night out: dinner & movie with a friend or hubby

5. My BFFs: LJ

6. I spend way too much time: on the computer . . . blogging, tweeting, emailing

7. I spend not enough time: just watching my kids play (or lay there in Squirt's case...although he can now roll over!!)

8. I want to be when I grow up: I think I'd like to teach college English someday but I'd like to home school my own kids first.

9. Biggest concern: right now just my kids' safety & well-being and where we'll be in the next 5 years but it's all in God's hands.

10. What my biggest concern should be: the aforementioned things.

11. Where do I live: in a "city" (ok compared to growing up in a town of 300 people, this is a city)

12. Dumbest thing I have done this year: left the front door open & called the cops to make sure it wasn't someone in my house

13. What I think I would say to myself in 10 years: I'm hoping that I'll tell myself how proud I am of how I raised my kids and how happily married I still am.


1. What do I miss most from 1999: Nothing, I hated junior high! Ok probably just going to the park with my cousin and swinging. I miss being that innocent.

2. What do I miss least from 1999: boy worries...I was so boy crazy.

3. What have I accomplished in 10 years that I am most proud of: my marriage, getting pregnant AFTER I was married, and my two children. And my relationship with Christ.

4. What have I NOT accomplished in 10 years that I wish I had: nothing, absolutely nothing.


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Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Oh man, now I feel OLD! I graduated from high school in 1999!

Fun read!

Emma Louise said...

:D I enjoyed reading that! Will do it myself sometime this week!

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