Monday, November 23, 2009

holiday likes/dislikes


1) Movie - The Santa Clause or Home Alone

2) Song - oh gosh, I LOVE Christmas songs. I love "Carol of the Bells" and "Away in a Manger."

3) Snack/Candy - The Christmas goodies Big A makes - almond bark, peanuts, rice krispies, marshmallows. Oh salivating thinking about it.

4) Tradition - food and gifts with family. Driving around to look at Christmas lights.

5) Person to give Gifts - The kids. I never know what to get Big A. I always get him a book; he doesn't read much. Oops

6) Shopping Spot - Anywhere on Black Friday or any time in the hoidays. I love crowds.

7) Drink - Apple cider yum!

8) Toy to play with the little kids - Cars with Tristan but anything they get is fun to open and let them play with

9) Weather - I love a point. But I love when you wake up and it's snowy but the sun is out and everything sparkles and shines. So beautiful.

10) Memory - My favorite growing up was when we spent Christmas or Eve up at my aunt & uncle's house. Everyone was there. We watched Cool Runnings. We danced to music. Everyone got along at this time. It was just fantastic.


Quick, list ten things you dislike about this time of year.

1) Black ice
2) Black Friday meaners
3) Only getting to sing carols this time of the year
4) People who don't understand the reason for the season
5) Not enough time with family
6) Getting so full my tummy hurts so badly
7) Not having more traditions (any ideas?)
8) When I feel I don't get someone the "right" gift (a fitting gift)
9) Having a budget - I just love to figure out what everyone else would love to have
10) We have to wait a whole other year for it again


Honey Mommy said...

Wow. Do you want to go shopping on Black Friday for me? I just can't handle it!

Emma Louise said...

Home Alone Rocks! Best Film Ever! (Well apart from Ghostbusters!!)

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