Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late)

Oh the trip back to my hometown was another success. I can't wait to go back. Home is always stressful and enjoyable at the same time.

We had a lovely trip out there: Squirt slept (the whole 2+ hours) and Moose was mostly self-entertained.

I forgot to tell Moose what was going on today and that there would be a lot of people (well more than the usual 3-4 of us) today. He got overwhelmed and hardly ate (and you know this kid eats), wouldn't take a nap, and finally crashed around 4:30-5 until around 6. He woke up screaming and we just couldn't calm him down for almost a half an hour (or more). It was awful because he couldn't tell us what was wrong. He cried at his milk, at food, at his puppy (he sleeps with this cheapo $1 Valentine's Day leftover puppy), a shower (he wouldn't even go in). Finally, Big A just kept holding him all nakey in the bathroom. I went in and tried to help calm him down. It just breaks my heart still because I don't know what was wrong. But finally he calmed down and I got him to eat 2 things of yogurt and some crackers. Not the best but I know he wouldn't want what he already ate (and he didn't even want that then).

Squirt was SOOO good! I think we're realizing that we need to forget everything we know about Moose and focus on learning Squirt. Understand he is a cat napper, he eats when he's hungry (not before and not after). We are laying him on his side to sleep because the poor guy just screams on his back. It breaks my mommy heart (and this is not a "I just don't want to sleep cry" I know that one).

I am just so thankful for my boys. I am thankful for the time I get to spend with them, raising them. I don't have to put them in daycare (bless those moms that must). My time is spent raising them to love the Lord, respect their elders, and...well, for right now just colors and fun and ABCs. But they are good boys who are very different from one another but love one another so much.

I am thankful for my husband who is getting up in a few short hours to go Black Friday shopping. I wish I were going with him but after Moose's meltdown, we can't wake our babes to go with us (yes, we were planning on doing so bc who is going to baby-sit that early?). I am thankful for the time we spent apart and the time we will spend apart again next week because distance really does make the heart grow fonder (yes, he's gone for another week).

I am thankful for my baby sister who gave me her old iPod today (she got a new one for her bday). How sweet was that for her to do? Now I must figure out how to use it! I'm very excited.

I am thankful for parents who love my children so much, who love me and my husband, too. I am so thankful for having a photographer in my family (thanks Dad for all the pictures). I am so thankful for my great-grandmother who turned 94 yesterday. May she remain with us for as long as God wills her here. I am thankful for her daughter, my grandma, who opens her home to us for all family celebrations.

I am most thankful for a gracious Lord who has given me more than my fill. Who has compassion and patience and salvation all for me, a lowly sinner saved only by grace. Someone who has entrusted his children to me to raise and another of his children to grow old with. Thank you Lord for having many many many things to be thankful for.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and a happy Black Friday (be safe).


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Maybe your little guy was just having one of those days. :(

My 2 yr old is super crabby and often inconsolable when he naps too late. I don't get it! He usually naps from 2-4, but if we get a late start and he wakes up at 4:30 or 5, look out. Toddlers just love routine I guess.

Good luck with your shopping're much braver than me! I'm just going to get a Christmas wreath and go to Michael's and then heading home.

Emma Louise said...

You are Thankful for some wonderful things! :D

I know we don't celebrate it over here.. But Happy Thanksgiving to you & your precious family! :)

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