Sunday, November 8, 2009

Giveaways Giveaways & more Giveaways

I'm starting early on my Christmas...giveaways. These are some awesome giveaways going right now that you could enter. I think they would make great Christmas gifts!

Kellie @ Ladybug Soup is hosting a UPrinting 16X20 Rolled Canvas giveaway. Perfect for those hard to please in-laws or parents who would adore a picture of your family (or a perfect gift for yourself!).

My friend, Michelle, @ Flying Giggles & Lollipops is hosting a Snazzy Baby Travel Chair (a Deluxe one) giveaway. Winner receives either the travel chair or knee pads. Great for a shower gift or a gift for your own little one.

Over @ Orange Juice's blog, you have the chance to win a gift card ($50 worth) from Novica. I won't even try to describe it because I won't do this justice, but go check it out; it's cool. A good gift for someone with unique tastes or to find something JUST right for your home.

Dee @ Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is hosing a couple giveaways. One is for a super cool Leap Frog Text & Learn. That is so cool; Moose would think I'm the coolest mom EVER! Her other giveaway is for a Prince Lionheart bebePod chair (like a Bumbo but way cuter). Great for that special little tot in your life (or Squirt if you so choose haha).

Dee's friend, Jennifer @ J. Leigh Designz is also hosting a Prince Lionheart giveaway but for a wipe warmer. Now, I don't think I'd actually buy this (because I'm cheap like that), but I know both of my kids would love me for it (so would their tushes).

Sue @ Stay at Home Mom is hosting a custom thank you card giveaway from UPrinting. I like the idea of thank yous and have been writing them for everything for at least 4 years (wedding showers, wedding gifts, baby showers, baby gifts, thank yous "from" the boys). I think it's an important (but mostly lost) art form.

EDIT TO ADD: Sarah @ Like a Warm Cup of Coffee (isn't that a great blog name?) is hosting a Tommy Nelson giveaway. It's cool, I'll butcher the description but it's really cool and involves Jesus and music and iPods and lots of fun.

That's all I have for now. I'm sure there will be more, especially this time of year. Even if you don't enter the giveaways, go show these very sweet ladies some love for hosting and showing that it's not just about receiving (although I wouldn't mind winning haha).


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Good luck! I totally agree that thank you notes are a lost art form. My boys also have "written" thank you notes since they've been born.

It's so sad that it's sometimes surprising to receive a thank you note!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! I will have lots more really cool giveaways coming up this month. So stay tuned!

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