Thursday, November 19, 2009


I got a survey from my high school today - a post graduate survey (5 years late). Anyway, it asked if I had ever cheated. I marked no. *cringe* what a lie. I cheated my way through algebra (with the principal's daughter). Math was so tough for me. I always caught on by the tests (although we did cheat on those too), but I just struggled. I also have zero study skills because school was usually not hard for me (that was sucky in college). I just couldn't bring myself to say yes. Although if anyone knew that was mine, they would say "whatever" because even if they didn't know I cheated, I think everyone knew others cheated off of me. Yeah. All the time. In English, history. Mostly on vocab.

I remember being called to the teacher's desk in 4th grade. I thought I was in trouble because we were taking those standardized tests. No, she told me later that someone was looking at my paper. My friend, M, also got caught my sub while cheating off of my vocabulary test. I wrote papers for people, took a test once for someone (computerized).

I never minded though. But I should've gotten paid for the papers.

Have you ever cheated or let someone cheat off of you?

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Tiaras said...

too funny - In jr high I used to write all my friends papers - literally - like 5 other papers and mine - BUT the teacher always gave me a C or D and them A's or B's (mostly A's) I would so love to hunt that teacher down and tell him!

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