Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Legs

I won a pair of Baby Legs from The Home Teacher. I received them today and they are just darling. I am planning on gifting them to my little niece for Christmas as I think leg warmers are more fitting for girls (sorry for those of you that put them on your boys, it is just my opinion). However, I was curious as to the size, so I tried them on Squirt. Here he is!

Oh and here's his new onesie from Dollar General. I thought it was adorable. And when Moose was little, we used to say he threw parties in his crib, so I couldn't pass it up.


Orange Juice said...

we had those exact baby legs (actually we still have them & use as arm warmers withoutbxtra layering) on our son. Yup! I'm one of those :)

Emma Louise said...

Love that onesie!!
I've been tempted to order some of those baby legs. a baby catalogue was advertising them as making Nappie changes easier... By using these as trousers.
Would be great for us! Once we get Oli's trousers off , we can never get them back on!!

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