Monday, November 23, 2009

an apology

Dear Readers & Friends,

I apologize for the past few months. I have been having a continual pity party about various things. You have endured whiny posts and just bad days with me. Thank you. No more. I am going to try my very best to lean on God in those times when I have worries or difficulties. He is the only true one who can help me look at the positive in my life, the many blessings bestowed upon me and my family. Although, if you hear me whining, feel free to remind me, too.

I also encourage those of you with children to read "Power of a Positive Mom." It's changing my perspective, my attitude, and my life. I'm learning a lot that I should have known but didn't. I know how a positive attitude can affect my children, how prayer can affect my life and family's future, and how a smile can change my whole day.

So thank you for putting up with me. But, with God's help (and yours), I plan to make the rest of this year, next year, and the rest of my life, positive and full of prayer.


PS Anyone know how to get Squirt to nap for more than 1/2 an hour without having to hold him??

EDIT: I think this is being misread. I'm not having a bad day today. I'm actually having one of the best days in a long time. But if you have read some posts in the past months, I've been whining. That's all this is about.


Jen said...

I am sorry that you have been having a rough time. Here's too the power of positive thinking?

Helene said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling down. You're entitled to have bad days where all you want to do is complain....don't feel bad about it. You're only human.

The book sounds interesting and like something I could totally use!!

Emma Louise said...

I need to learn to put all my faith back into God. I have abandoned him when I needed him the most.
I have not been to Church in 8months apart from Oli's Christening.

Everyday I say to myself I'm going to pick up the phone and find a new church. Just because I've changed towns & had a child I shouldn't be afraid of going back to church!

Please remind me if I ever had a rant or moan on my blog that God has it all under control!!

As I will remind you! :)

Emma Louise said...

PS To get Oli to have a nap longer then 1/2 an hour. I've had to just put him down and leave him to cry/moan himself to sleep.
It destroys me inside as I cant bear to hear him cry but I know he's happier once he's finally had that nap!
Does Squirt sleep through the night?
Oli's taken to waking up at least 3 times now! I'm a walking zombie everday! Hence my lack of blogging! I'm on a coffee high at the mo!

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