Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mark this day on your calendar. This is the very first time Tristan has completely refused to eat. I gave him sloppy joe mix over a broken up piece of bread - he ate one bite and got upset when I was upset (it's been one of those afternoons) and chocked on it (poor baby but he's ok). I gave him one bite of my mashed cauliflower/potatoes. He wouldn't eat anything else.

I tried asking him if his tummy hurts, his throat hurts. His temperature is just over 99 degrees so not too bad. I asked if his tummy was owie and he just said "owie" in his chipper little way. He's not acting like he feels bad.

I offered him a few bites of my food while I was eating. He ate 2 bites and refused the rest.

Hope he's ok. Wish he could tell me if he wasn't.


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Eh, toddlers are finicky. He'll probably be starving at breakfast. Try not to worry!

Anonymous said...

kids go through this phase! I remember Dylan and Aedan both used to do this. Some kids are on the other side of the deal and are pissed if they miss a meal! LOL That would be harley and emma!

EmmaP said...

maybe he just wasnt in the mood... that is odd if he normally isnt picky. my middle one has quite an appetite. and i would worry if he refused to eat! my oldest one on the other hand was always like that as a toddler...

Emma Louise said...

Oli wouldn't eat any of his food yesterday, Just wanted his milk.
He seemed pretty normal and not ill.
I wish he could just tell me if something was wrong!!
I hope Tristan is ok today and eating well :)

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