Monday, October 12, 2009

menu planning Monday

I really have come to love meal planning. I don't always stick to the plan but I like to feel organized. I should plan on Fridays so that I have the weekend to go shopping for what I need instead of having Big A pick up the random stuff on Sunday night when he goes to Wal-mart to fetch himself some long johns. Anyway, this is what's on the menu this week for the S Club.

This week I decided to try some recipes from "The Mom's Guide to Meal Makeovers" by Janice Newell Bissex and Liz Weiss (check out the website linked up). I picked it up at a library book sale and thought I'd give it a whirl.

breakfast - Cheerios & animal crackers (was to be a banana but ac won out today)
snack - animal crackers (supposed to be animal crackers but he substituted)
lunch - leftovers (chili for me and ham/cheese/carrots/goldfish for Moose)
snack - banana
dinner - No nonsense nuggets & wagon wheel alfredo (although I'm not using wagon wheel pasta). Our veggie is the peas in the alfredo.

breakfast - banana & animal crackers
snack - fruit (apple or orange)
lunch - leftover alfredo & ham
snack - fruit (cocktail or whatever he does have in the am)
dinner - super sloppy joes & maple-glazed carrots

breakfast: eggs & bacon
snack: cheese, cauliflower, & crackers
lunch: fast-as-boxed mac & cheese with frozen veggies
snack: 1/2 apple & crackers
dinner: chicken parmesan & mashed cauliflower (I'm trying this out; I've heard it's like mashed potatoes - we'll see what my family thinks)

breakfast: PB & J
snack: cheese & apple slices
lunch: leftovers & corn
snack: goldfish & cheese
dinner: Hamburger Helper, peas, salad

breakfast: fruit oatmeal
snack: goldfish
lunch: leftovers & green beans
snack: ham & cheese pieces
dinner: Mama's Amazing Ziti (including carrots. We're having friends over for supper so we'll see what they think, especially since Jesse hates vegetables).

breakfast: blueberry banana pancakes
snack: fruit (apple or fruit cocktail)
lunch: leftovers & broccoli
snack: animal crackers & orange
dinner: sandwiches, green beans, & potatoes

breakfast: potato ole omelet
snack: goldfish (great for church)
lunch: grilled ham & cheese or leftovers and some vegetable
snack: fruit & crackers
dinner: meatloaf & cheesy cauliflower

I'm kind of excited to find new things to make and eat. I think maybe I'll try different recipes from a different cookbook each week. That may be fun. :)


Rion said...

I want a PB&J for breakfast. Oh man. That sounds good right about now.

Alicia said...

good menu! i'm horrible at sticking to mine.....maybe i should try again though..hmmmmmm

Preggo said...

Good for you. I'm too lazy to meal plan. I look in the fridge and say 'Hmm. . I don't know what we're having for dinner tonight.' and then wait for the Hubs to make something fabulous out of nothing. He is a miracle cook!

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