Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love my kids!

Today Big A didn't have to work so we had a family day. I love family days!!! And last night, I didn't get up once (isn't my husband a saint?), except that one time when I thought the baby was dying but he was just being swaddled (aren't babies dramatic?). Anyway, it was a good night's sleep.
We went down to see our niece & nephew today. They are just so small! I love it. I still haven't held Baby W (he was sleeping today).
Anyhow, Squirt ate early so I'm off to bed. Maybe tonight's the night he'll sleep through the night...what do you think?


angie said...

Oh, family time is the best. I love this picture of you and your boys. Hope you have a great weekend together, with lots more sleep! :)

Orange Juice said...

Yay that's so great!

Jen said...

Family days are just the best! I hope that we both get to sleep tonight.

Emma said...

Love That Photo!! :)
I see a Apple Mac.. Beautful computer! (Or are they called PC's in America?) But a even more beautiful family!

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