Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Randi's Random

I have been a lucky girl through this blog. I have won a necklace, $100 gift card, a cool puzzle, and now the Ultimate Potty Training Pack! This makes me worried about my chances of winning the Whrrl SITScation giveaway. Can my luck go on?

Not that I've won all of this recently. This is since I started my blog. And in comparison to contests and giveaways I've entered, this is not a lot. Yeah, I spend a lot of time entering those - I should probably find a more productive time waster. haha

I like winning stuff (who doesn't?). I never won anything in high school (or college). I especially like winning stuff for my kids; stuff I would never otherwise be able to get for them.

Anyway, this is kind of a random post. :) We're gearing up for Labor Day weekend. We really wanted to go on a mini-vacation to Colorado but funds are down and we have so little time to do anything in even with the extended weekend. One of our good friends gets married Friday evening (and Squirt gets vaccines Friday morning). Saturday we have a birthday/Husker party to kick off the football season and celebrate a first birthday.

The State Fair is this week, too. So sometime over this weekend, I want to take the boys to the fair. Take Moose on the Ferris Wheel!

Tomorrow some friends are visiting for lunch (Moose's girlfriend & family). I have a friend who is due Thursday and delivering in a nearby city so I'm hoping to go visit her and her little girl soon. We also have a friend due Friday but I don't think we'll make it to visit her in the hospital. But they don't live far away so I'll have to make a trip over to their apartment.

Anyway, like I said, random. I took a super long walk with the boys & did yoga today - I'm tired.


Mariah said...

Wow! I am SOOO behind, I didn't even realize you had the second baby! Next time through me a bone and let a girl know. He's adorable!! Good luck winning, I can't go. Not enough $ :(

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Lucky you! I never win anything. I won one giveaway of fabric once, and it never arrived. :( Have fun with all those new babies!

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