Thursday, September 24, 2009

Children's Museum!

Big A was out of town on Tuesday night, so I thought I would break up the monotony for me and the boys by taking them to the Children's Museum. I was worried about how we'd do with the stress level and such, but it was good.

After I paid (well, gave them the two free passes we had - oh yeah! thank you summer reading program), I was putting out stuff in a locker and trying to get the key out. Couldn't get it. I called a girl employee over and Moose started playing in a "car" nearby. Well, she couldn't get the key out either...and then I lost sight of Moose.

Two other employees started looking for him and me, too. They gave me the key to the locker. The girl said that he must be on another level. My mind goes directly to the big stairs at the front of the museum, and I tell her that he can't go down stairs well. My heart is POUNDING as tears well in my eyes. Then the girl spots him at the front of the museum (away from the stairs), looking down over the whole museum down to the water stuff in the basement. Phew. For those few minutes, my heart was just in my toes. I was terrified. I told Moose he couldn't run away from mommy and then we went about our museum fun.

We stopped at the "farm" and Moose rode in the tractor.

We ended up spending a bunch of time in the firetruck. He loved the big steering wheel. I don't even think he knows what a firetruck (or fire) is.
We spent about half an hour in the 3 and under area so I could feed Squirt. Moose played really nicely in there. I love that area the best because he's enclosed! ha

Then we headed to the second level where he found this pin thing - you know where you put your face in one side and it shows on the other. What are those called? I don't know, but he loved it. Of course we had to stop by the water fountain.

We ended up in the basement at the water toys. He LOVED LOVED it!! I knew he would, of course. We came here about a year ago with some friends and he loved it then, he loved it in Richmond...the kid is a fish, I swear.

Squirt slept the entire time. He was so good. He ate at the beginning and then slept, slept, slept. No fussing or anything. It was so sweet. I think he liked looking around in the 3 and under area while I was feeding him. I tried setting him in one of those Bumbo chairs - yeah he doesn't hold his head enough. Almost though. I do wish we had one of those chairs - I think they're cool.

More time spent in the water area. We were playing and I was even playing...then, I see Moose step over the side of the water thing he was playing in. I'm opposite of him and would have taken a picture but I was afraid of his lack of coordination and all of the metal things surrounding him. I guess he decided he wanted a bath. OMG it was so hilarious! It was just to the right of the picture to the right. I think some moms would have been MAD but it was so funny. I even caught a teacher from a preschool visiting laughing. At this point I realize he pooped, so I did take him away from there but not because I was mad (I love it when he's that curious!) but because I didn't want him to stink.
So we changed him in the bathroom and played a little while longer - wet pants and shoes and all (I did take off his wet socks though).

They have this cool "Husker" room with a small football field and volleyball court. He loved the volleyball court and kept throwing the small volleyballs into the net (see his wet pants?).
I tried putting a helmet on him a few times but he kept taking it off really fast. I guess he'll have to wait a few years before football. Oh but won't that be great at Halloween? Especially when Squirt's older - my little football players and I can be a cheerleader and Big A can be a coach or ref...sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Our final stop was the grocery store. I think he's found his high school job calling - cashier. He loved pushing the buttons and making noise. But he actually was pretty calm when we left. We watched the train go around the check-in desk a few times and went home for lunch. It was a really fun time and he took an awesome nap after lunch. So other than the losing him thing and the bath thing - good time and we didn't get kicked out or anything. Success! Next time we'll take Daddy, though.

This week has been long without Big A around. Not only did he work overnight Tuesday but each night has been just long and I've put the kids to bed without him because he's worked so late. Tonight he did put Moose to bed, but only got about an hour with him. That just means tomorrow he'll only work for a few hours AND I have MOPS tomorrow, so I'm super excited about that. Anyone else in a MOPS group?

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