Monday, September 21, 2009

Aunt Randi

Ok, I know my name sounds super dumb like that but I am very excited to announce the birth of my niece - and nephew! That's right, twins. My brother-in-law & his fiance (whom I adore!) had their babies today (I didn't get a good picture of Mama F so I'll wait to post one of her & the kids). But here's Papa J with the kids - he really is so proud you can just tell!

Mr. W came first weighing 7lbs 5oz and 20.5 in

Miss S was 6lbs 9oz and 19.25 in.

Aren't those good-sized twins? She came out all wrong - backwards and upside down but apparently she only needed a little oxygen and was doing great. No time in the NICU, thank God.

He is the spitting image of his daddy, and she is the spitting image of their older sister, Miss T and their mommy. It's adorable. I am happy as a clam.

We went to see them tonight. I held both of them as did Big A. Even Moose got in on it and held Miss S. Squirt got in on some pictures himself.

Grandma P stopped by on her way home from work. She TOLD MOOSE SHE LOVED HIM. She has NEVER (in 2 years) told him that. I about peed my pants. And she was all over Squirt and held him and...was all fussing over how cute the twins were. Maybe her heart has melted??? I hope so. I told Big A that maybe she'll even start to like me....maybe?

But I can't wait until there's not a room full of other people (and other aunts - 2 of her 3 sisters were up there) so I can love on my little niece and nephew. Oh I am just so happy! And Mama F looked fantastic, just a bit tired, of course. Papa J was doing great, making everyone wash their hands. He said he's already overprotective. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Everyone gave him such a hard time about being a dad because he's really rough around the edges. I always told him he'd be just fine, and he already is. I'm very proud of my brother. :)

Anyway, keep me in your prayers. Big A stayed home today due to rain so tomorrow night is my big debut as a lonely only overnight parent. :) Keep my kids in your prayers lol.


Your cool friend Cheryl said...


And those babies are HUGE for being twins! My first was only 7 lb at birth. Mom must be so relieved! ;)

Me said...

Twins? Congrats! How lovely to be an aunt!

EmmaP said...

i think Aunt Randi sounds ADORABLE!!!

Lesley said...

oh congratulations on the new editions..and wow they really were good sized....I bet they won't be spoiled at all....

Jen said...

Oh that is awesome. Congrats Auntie!!!!

Shannon said...

hey! i thought about you a bunch today...i don't know why because honestly i was half asleep for most of it. ;) but i love you a bunch. thanks for being so encouraging all the time and for workin' to raise Godly men who won't cheat on everyone in their lives. :)

Stephanie said...

Absolutely Adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Aunti Randi! :D Found your blog through SITS and hope you don't mind if I pull up a chair and stay awhile!

Emma said...

Congrats Aunti Randi!!! Twins - I'm so jealous!! Hard work but would be amazing! :)

PS If you do ever find yourself in my part of the world,make sure you give me a shout!! x

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