Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 mile walk/run fun

This morning I woke up BUT I was determined to go ahead with the walk/run we signed up for. The kids woke up in perfect time and we headed out the door. We stopped by Wal-mart before the "race" and picked me up some DayQuil stuff and cough drops.

Before the "race" we ran into our doctor who was riding a bike for sort of a "pace car" and a friend who was running a water station. It was nice to know I'd have some people cheering me on! I fed Squirt & stuck him in the Snuggli while Moose was hanging out with Big A in the stroller.

And we were off. My lungs were ON.FIRE! I felt awful. But I kept going, thinking that if I needed to stop, it was no big deal. Better than collapsing on the baby, right?

I tried keeping up with some dads with strollers (walking), but their legs must have been a lot longer than mine because I was booking it and I couldn't keep up. Oh well. I was alone. Well, I had Squirt, but he was fast asleep with a fully tummy all cuddled with his mama.

Eventually I found a good pace and kept it up most of the "race." And I slowed down a bit to walk with this older lady. It helped to have someone to talk to. We basically shared kid stories back and forth.

We saw my friend and I figured we were about halfway done (I found out later, we only had about a mile and a half left at this point). I was proud of myself. My phone rang, and Big A (who I had seen earlier at the point I was at now) told me he was done (50 minutes - good job, baby!). I kept at it, holding my own water bottle and Squirt's bottle, too (just in case).

And then after awhile, we turned the corner and we were back where we started. I walked over the finish line to a few cheers of organizers. I was proud of myself (and Squirt for staying asleep the whole time)! 5 miles in 1 1/2 hours only 2 months after giving birth. Yay.

I think I'll take it easy for awhile - my shoulders hurt and I'm still sick. I did get a good nap today but I could sleep even longer.

EDIT: We went to a wedding reception last night. I was dancing with Moose and threw him in the air. Big.mistake! Now my body hurts even worse. I slept until about 9:30 but oh man, it doesn't feel like it's helping. Big A's out of town tomorrow night until Tuesday night - but what a nice guy, he's slaving over a hot stove and oven so I don't have to cook anything while he's gone. :) (not that they'd want my germ-infested food right now anyway!)


Jen said...

that is awesome for you!

Me said...

You! are so awesome!

Orange Juice said...

that's awesome good for you for doing it & keeping with it...even though you had a good enough excuse NOT to. GREAT job & feel better soon!

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