Saturday, August 1, 2009

I love weekends!!! Big A is home and he helps out a TON with laundry, dishes, cooking, kids. He's seriously the best husband ever...what would I do without him?

I hate all these exercise infomercials. I want to buy anything and everything that will get this baby weight OFF! The suckiest thing? I only have about 10 baby pounds to lose...the rest is just my fat. PBBBT...and I have a wedding in a week of a friend from high school. I don't want to see people I graduated with (and don't talk to but for whatever reason still don't want them to think badly of me) when I look like this. And, no, it doesn't matter that I only had a baby a few weeks ago....I'm going shopping tomorrow for a dress or outfit that won't make me look like I just had a baby a few weeks ago to wear to the wedding. lol Yeah...we'll see how many tears that brings on. :)


Carmen said...

Visiting from the SITS Share Fest! I hope you find something fabulous to wear to the wedding. I recently went through this last month for my cousin's wedding. I didn't just have a baby either. My baby is 6!!! So what's my excuse? haha

Shannon said...

wish i was going with u!!! if you don't find anything let me know...maybe i can meet you on monday...idk, but don't change plans

Orange Juice said...

did you find a dress?

Aubrey said...

How did your shopping go?! Hope it was a success.

It is SO great that Big A is such a wonderful support system for you!

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