Monday, August 31, 2009

Holiday Slim Down Update 3

It's Week 5 for Natalie's Holiday Slim Down.

I'm in a 2 pound slump. And it's no one's fault but my own, of course. I'm just not watching what I eat or eating too large of portions. I just really love carbs: pastas, potatoes, crackers...yum, yum!

So my goals for this week are:

1. Walk our "new" route three times & the "old" route once
2. Yoga at least 4 times this week
3. 3-4 tall glasses of water each day
4. Encourage myself as much as possible

We signed up for our walk/run - $18 registration fee per person so we're not backing out! I'm very excited about this. Last week, I walked with the boys (once - boo) 2.5 miles so I know I can make it. I mean, I had both boys with me and during the actual event, I'll only have Squirt.

The group goal for this week is to not eat sweets for a straight 48 hours.
I'm planning on doing this on Wednesday and Thursday. We have a wedding Friday and birthday party on Saturday. I'm excited for both, but I'm promising myself to only have small pieces of cake. I can do it.

But Saturday is a birthday/Husker party. That's right, it's football season, ladies and gentlemen. So I know there will be GOOD food (I'm making apple crisp - yummy) so I'll have to watch that I don't pig out too much. Or at least that I work it off if I do.

Anyway, not down any pounds this week. At least that's what our scale says. I'll weigh myself at the doctor's on Friday (Squirt gets vaccines...ouchie).


Orange Juice said...

oooooo 48 hours.....followed by parties....not a grwat combo for me! lol
Good luck girl! YOU CAN DO IT

Helene said...

Looks like you have some great goals set out for yourself!!!! I have a feeling you'll do wonderfully!!

Happy said...

Good luck with your goals this week. I just read in that book Feminine Appeal about self-control and there is a section with regards to appetite. And self-control is the third virtue in Titus 2 is expected of us Christians to exercise self-control, but the good news is that when God gives us a command, He also provides us with the grace to obey it!

And self-control isn't requires effort and knowing that we don't do it on our own...that we can only achieve self-control with the help of the Holy Spirit!

Blessings my dear!

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