Tuesday, August 25, 2009

firsts all around

first smiles

first haircuts

and the world premiere of...Moose, the Science Kid (please excuse the singing...I know it's hard on the ears)!

I was also pleasantly surprised to step on the scale today after a Yoga workout with Bob. I have to check again but I'm pretty sure it says I've lost 2 pounds SINCE SUNDAY! I'll update you on that soon. And I'll tell ya that yoga was hard work, especially with Moose freaking out. If I do anything seen on tv, he tries to stop me by pulling on my shirt or pulling me (which is hard when you're trying to do yoga which involves a lot of balance). It was good, though, and I worked through him until he started to crawl under me during downward dog (so funny).

Also, check out my WHRRL slideshow on the sidebar or HERE. Want to go to SITScation? Check out the details HERE.


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

That is too cute! Thanks so much for letting me know! I am following now, so I will not miss out on any future posts of the cutie!

Congrats on the 2 pounds, yoga is harder than people think. Any workout is hard with kids running around you! Keep it up!

Shannon said...

LOVE YOGA!!! love it! hope you enjoy it as much

Jen said...

So stinkin' cute!

Happy said...

Moose is such a sweetie pie!

And yoga is so hard...I just started doing it to help ease the pain of my sciatica and it's much harder than I expected, but the stretching is supposed to be good for the muscles.

Congrats on the two pounds! You'll be at your goal before you know it!

Helene said...

Awwww, cute pics!!!! The first smile is absolutely precious, isn't it?? Oh and it kinda feels like a reward for all the hard work and sleepless nights you've put in taking care of the baby, ya know?

Congratulations on losing 2 pounds!! That's awesome!! I've never tried Yoga except for on my Wii Fit and even then I couldn't manage. I'm not that flexible!!!

Stopping by from SITS!

Eva Gallant said...

all the pics are so cute!
congrats on the weight loss!

just stopping by from SITS; hope you'll do the same.

Noah's Mommy said...

love the video...how cool....Love rug time....

happy followers