Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Wonder Pets birthday party

My little boy turned 2 on Wednesday, as you may (or may not) know. It's bittersweet to have one turning 2. So many things past, but I know so much to look forward to. One thing I definitely looked forward to was his birthday party on the 4th of July (that way everyone had the day off - no excuses). As luck would have it, it even rained the night before and day of so the farmers in the family couldn't not come either.
Anyway, as you may have learned last year, I love decorating cakes & cupcakes. I'm nowhere near professional but I have fun doing it and am a perfectionist in my own way. I sort of had to put that Type-A personality aside this year due to lack of energy. But these were still put together with a LOT of love!
Big A, being the domestic god that I love, baked the cakes on Friday. Oh that's the best part, always so moist his cakes are. Then on Friday evening, I began the decorating. I even recruited some help from my little sister!!

Cake #1: The birthday boy cake!
Cake #2: the big guest cake!

Cake #3: actually cupcakes!

I won't even take credit for the cupcakes. Pookie decorated them all with Ts and 2s with the rough Wonder Pets symbol. I think all the cakes turned out pretty darn good, but I was especially proud of Moose's personal cake! I wasn't sure how I was going to layer the colors but then I thought of the stars.

Then we had to wait a WHOLE day for the party! Moose kept wanting cake and the frosting (probably more the frosting than the cake). Plus, he saw Daddy partaking in some of the delicacy...
Don't worry, on Saturday we sang Happy Birthday to him. He seemed pleased but slightly confused about why everyone was singing at him. I even got him to blow out the candle (on one try!!).
And then the little guy got to partake in what I think was his favorite part of his party: frosting.

Needless to say, he got a little messy.

And then he played with his toys and gifts.
My mom revamped a small kids' card table with "Cars" (the movie) fabric and vinyl (I'll post a picture some time). Mom & Dad also bought him a play yard so we can play inside or outside, and a Black & Decker tool set for kids.
Pookie got him a t-shirt & boat for the bathtub. My cousin got him a water play yard thing.
Big A's parents got him a Radio Flyer horse toy that he can ride. It has wheels.
One great aunt's family got him a bubble blowing lion. He LOVED that! Another gave him money & a coin that'll be 100 years old in a few years. A great uncle got him Wonder Pets DVDs. He got some money from the great and great-great grandparents.
OH! And Big A's brother & fiance got him irrigation boots and a toy Ford New Holland tractor (because that's what they use on the farm). Moose did NOT want to wear the boots, but he loves the tractor!
All in all it was a great day! He had fun showing off for everyone.

Later we went to fireworks...and I'll post pictures of us from that later.

Tomorrow is the big day when we figure out what we're doing with this other kiddo. I have a 10am appointment for an ultrasound, then Moose & I both have doctor appointments. Thank GOODNESS my best friend, LJ, is coming with us to keep Moose entertained!! I will let you know when I know what's going on!


Stacey said...

Looks like a great party and a yummy cake! I have two birthdays to do this month... Rowan on the 20th, and Bria on the 30th! Should be fun.

And now... we wait for your little one to come!

Jen said...

those cakes are awesome! looks like it was a fabulous birthday!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Looks like fun!

EmmaP said...

you did great on the cakes... and he looked so cute devouring them. good luck with the appts!

Orange Juice said...

that is so sweet! great job on that W!!!

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